Women's Water Polo Italy Training Blog Day Nine

Women's Water Polo Italy Training Blog Day Nine

By: Cleo Harrington

Greetings Friends of Harvard Water Polo! 

We have concluded yet another beautiful day in Italy, and our first full day in Rome! Our day began promptly at 8:30 a.m. with breakfast in our hotel and cappuccinos galore. Because our training for the day didn't start until 8:30 p.m., we had some time to fill. Immediately following breakfast, we hopped on the subway and rode into the center of the city... first stop, the Colosseum! 

The moment we exited the station, we were all overwhelmed by the looming presence of this truly great monument. The following few hours we had time to explore the interior of the arena, and some of us even went on a guided tour... fun facts about gladiators abound! 


Upon leaving the Colosseum, we were able to walk along some of Rome's most historical ruins, including huge triumphal arches dating back to 3 A.D. After walking further into the more modern area of the city, we were set free to have lunch on our own before reconvening to go back to our hotel. 

Luckily we were able to get a nap in before dinner to ensure that we were very well rested for our scrimmage tonight. With tummies full of chicken, veggies, and pasta we hopped on our bus and off we went to the pool. 

We practiced with SCS Roma, and I'm happy to say that we had one of our best trainings of the trip! Their intensity and aggressiveness in the water really pushed us to bring our ability to adapt to the next level. Not only are we making leaps in individual skills but our cohesion as a team has improved greatly as well. We are all very excited with how much we have improved this trip, and can't wait to have one more shot tomorrow to gain more valuable lessons from the European style of play! Stay tuned!