Women's Water Polo Italy Training Blog Day Two

Women's Water Polo Italy Training Blog Day Two

By: Charlotte Hendrix

After a restful night of over eight hours of much needed sleep, we awoke to the delicious aroma of freshly made croissants awaiting our consumption. They did not disappoint. Once we had filled our bellies to the point of satisfaction, we journeyed down to the pool to scrimmage the Bogliasco women's team again.

This time the scrimmage was focused on 6-on-5 and 5-on-6. We stayed behind after practice to watch the first part of the scrimmage between Bogliasco's men's 17 & Under team play another 17 & Under boy's team from Florence. Their style of play was much different than what we were used to seeing and it focused more on shooting and center work rather than movement.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at Clipper restaurant where we enjoyed a medley of food that was all extremely enjoyable. We then ventured along the coast of Bogliasco in search of our first serving of gelato and after we each selected our choice of flavor, we enjoyed our tasty frozen treats while overlooking the picturesque Mediterranean Sea. We devoured our gelatos in record speed and spent the remainder of our break down by the breakwater. We found our way back to the pool and scrimmaged Bogliasco's women's team again.

Earlier in the day we were given the option to have a mixer with some of the women from Bogliasco's team and we happily accepted. So, after wiggling back into our clothes we headed back to Just Peruzzi, the restaurant where we had earlier found our delightful gelato. The mixer consisted of fruity drinks, yummy appetizers, and wonderful conversations. The food was so good and so filling, in fact, that it became dinner. One more helping of gelato and a walk back to the hotel concluded day number two in Italy.