Women's Water Polo Italy Training Blog Day One

Women's Water Polo Italy Training Blog Day One

By: Yoshi Andersen

Ciao Friends of Harvard Water Polo!

After four days of double-day practices and 12 hours of traveling through the night, Harvard water polo has arrived in Bogliasco, Italy!

For our four days of double-day practices, Ted and Cassie welcomed the team back with a test set, hard swim sets and crushing leg sets. We are also welcoming Monica Zdrojewski, a former Harvard water polo stud, back as an assistant coach for this season! With many seasoned players returning to the team this year, we are excited to get the added experience of training with the Italian club teams that will give us an edge as we head into official season at the end of January.

For our first official Italian meal, we enjoyed pizza at Clipper, a restaurant near the Hotel Villa Flora, where the team will be staying for the next couple of days.