Complete Harvard Fall Classic Results

Complete Harvard Fall Classic Results

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Cambridge, Mass. - The Harvard Fall Classic, featuring players from Harvard, Boston College, Boston University and the University of Texas at San Antonio, began Friday morning at the Beren Tennis Center. Results from the entire weekend are posted below.

Singles - Flight A
First Round
#1 Stefanie Nunic (Boston University) Bye
Katharine Attwell (Boston College) def. Micaela Silva (University Texas San Antonio) 6-4 6-4
Caroline Dedering (UTSA) def. Ina Kauppila (Boston College) 6-0 6-2
#4 Kristin Norton (Harvard) def. Monika Mical (Boston University) 2-6 6-2 6-1
Alex Kelleher (Boston College) def. #3 Francine Whu(Boston University) 6-3 6-1
Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) def. Vivian Carrillo (UTSA) 6-0 6-4
Petra Santini (Boston University) def. Brittany Delaney (Boston College) 6-3 2-6 6-1 
#2 Hideko Tachibana (Harvard) def. Petra Santini (BU) 6-1, 6-0

Second Round Main Draw
#1 Stefanie Nunic (BU) def. Katharine Attwell (BC) 6-3 6-0
#4 Kristin Norton (Harvard) def. Caroline Dedering (UTSA) 6-2 6-1
Alex Kelleher (BC) def. Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) 7-5 6-3
Petra Santini (BU) def. Hideko Tachibani (Harvard) 6-1 6-0

Main Draw Semifinals
#1 Stefanie Nunic (BU) def #4 Kristin Norton (Harvard) 6-2 6-3
#2 Hideko Tachibana (Harvard) def Alex Kelleher (BC) 6-2 6-2

Consolation Draw
Micaela Silva (UTSA) Bye
Monika Mical (BU) def. Ina Kauppila 6-2 6-4
Francine Whu (BU) def. Vivian Carrillo (UTSA) 6-1 6-1
Brittany Delaney (BC) Bye 

2nd Consolation from Main Draw
Katharine Attwell (BC) def Caroline Dedering (UTSA) 6-0 6-4
Petra Santini (BU) def Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) 6-1 6-2

Back Draw Semifinals
Monika Mical (BU) def Micaela Silva (UTSA) 6-3 6-3
#3 Francine Whu (BU) def Brittany Delaney Walk-over

2nd Consolation from Back Draw
Ina Kauppila (BC) def Vivian Carrillo (UTSA) 7-5 6-1

#2 Hideko Tachibana (Harvard) def #1 Stefanie Nunic (BU) 6-4 6-0

Playoff for 3rd and 4th
#4 Kristin Norton (Harvard) def Alex Kelleher (BC) 6-4 6-1

Back Draw Final
Franice Whu (BU) def Monika Mical (BU) 3-6 6-2 10-8

2nd Round Consolation
Katharine Attwell (BC) def Petra Santini (BU) 6-7 (4) 7-6 (4) 10-7

Additional Flight A Singles Match
Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) def Caroline Dedering (UTSA) 6-3 3-6 10-8

Singles - Flight B
First Round
Alex Lehman (Harvard) def. Sarah Adams (UTSA) 6-0 6-1
Caroline Davis (Harvard) def. Jackie Mabatah 6-2 6-7 (5) 6-4
Liz Corrao (BU) def. Nicci Yvanovich 6-4 6-4
Jessie Linero (BU) Louise Laciny (Harvard) 6-0 6-4

Main Draw Semifinal Singles
Alex Lehman (Harvard) def Caroline Davis (Harvard) 6-1 6-2
Liz Corrao (BU) def Jessie Linero (BU) 6-3 6-4

Back Draw Semifinal Singles
Jackie Mabatah (BC) def Sarah Adams (UTSA) Walk-over
Louise Laciny (Harvard) def Nicci Yvanovich (UTSA) 6-0 6-0

Alex Lehman (Harvard) def Liz Corrao(BU) 6-1 6-2

Back Draw Final
Louise Laciny (Harvard) def Jackie Mabatah (BC) 6-2 6-4

First Round
#1 Stefanie Nunic/Francine Whu (BU) Bye
Alex Lehman/Samantha Gridley(Harvard) def. Caroline Dedering/ Vivian (UTSA) 8-5
Samantha Rosekrans/Hikdeko Tachibana (Harvard) def. Monika Mical/Liz Corroa (BU) 9-8 (2)
#4 Alex Kelleher/Ina Kauppila Bye
#3 Sarah Adams/ Micaela Silva Bye
Petra Santini/Jesse Linero (BU) def. Sophie Chang/Kristin Norton (Harvard) 8-6
Katharine Attwell/Brittany Delaney def. Louise Laciny (Harvard) 8-4
#2 Holly Cao/Agnes Sibilski Bye

Main Draw 2nd Round
Alex Lehman/Samantha Gridley (Harvard) def #1 Stefanie Nunic/Francine Whu (BU) 8-3
Samantha Rosekrans/Hideko Tachibana (Harvard) def #4 Alex Kelleher/Ina Kauppila (BC) 8-5
Petra Santini/Jessie Linero (BU) def #3 Sarah Adams/Micaela Silva (UTSA) 8-6
Katharine Attwell/Brittany Delaney (BC) def #2 Holly Cao/Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) 8-2

Main Draw Semifinals
Samantha Rosekrans/Hideko Tachibana (Harvard) def Alex Lehman/Samantha Gridley (Harvard) 8-2
Katharine Attwell/Brittany Delaney (BC) def Petra Santini/Jessie Linero (BU)

Back Draw
Monika Mical/Liz Corrao (BU) def Caroline Dedering/Vivian Carrillo (UTSA) 8-6
Kristin Norton/Sophie Chang (Harvard) def Caroline Davis/Louise Laciny (Harvard) 8-3

2nd Consolation from Main Draw
#1 Stefanie Nunic/Francine Whu (BU) def #4 Alex Kelleher/Ina Kauppila (BC) 8-2
#2 Holly Cao/Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) def #3 Sarah Adams/Micaela Silva (UTSA)

Samantha Rosekrans/Hideko Tachibana (Harvard) def Brittany Delaney/Katharine Attwell (BC) 8-3

3rd and 4th Place match
Petra Santini/Jessie Linero (BU) def Alex Lehman/Samantha Gridley (Harvard) 8-6

Back Draw Final
Kristin Norton/Sophie Chang (Harvard) def Monika Mikal/Liz Corrao (BU) 8-6

2nd Round Consolation
Stefanie Nunic/Francine Whu (BU) def Holly Cao/Agnes Sibilski (Harvard) 9-8 (3)

Additional Doubles Matches
Caroline Davis/Louise Laciny (Harvard) def Caroline Dedering/Vivian Carrillo (UTSA) 9-7