No. 1 Women’s Squash Dominates No. 14 Drexel, 9-0

No. 1 Women’s Squash Dominates No. 14 Drexel, 9-0

Junior Alyssa Mehta earned a 3-0 win at the No. 1 position for Harvard on Friday afternoon (Gil Talbot).

– The No. 1 Harvard women's squash team dominated No. 14 Drexel, 9-0, to open its three-game road trip on Friday afternoon.

Harvard (2-0, 1-0 Ivy) recorded its second-straight clean sweep to begin the 2017 season, as all nine positions won their respective matches by a 3-0 score against Drexel (2-6). The Crimson also swept No. 9 Dartmouth Dec. 7 in the season opener.  It was the first time since the 2014-15 campaign that a Crimson women's squash team tallied two sweeps to start the season.

Juniors Alyssa Mehta and Sue Ann Yong picked up wins at No. 1 and No. 3, while senior Katherine Tutrone notched her first win of the season at No. 2.

Sophomore Sophie Mehta was in control from the start in her match at No. 4, and senor Keegan Mendez saw action for the first time this year with a victory at No. 8.

Senior captains Dileas McGowan and Caroline Monrad both took care of business for the second consecutive week with sweeps at No. 6 and No. 7 after playing No. 8 and No. 9 against Dartmouth.

Crimson freshmen had another strong showing as Annika Engstrom earned her first career victory at No. 9, and Eleonore Evans rolled at No. 5.

Harvard returns to the courts for a 2016 Howe Cup rematch against No. 2 Penn tomorrow at noon, followed by a matchup with No. 4 Princeton Sunday.


No. 1 Alyssa Mehta (H) def. Ryan Morgan – (3-0)

No. 2 Katherine Tutrone (H) def. Hayley Hughes– (3-0)

No. 3 Sue Ann Yong (H) def. Anna Hughes – (3-0)

No. 4 Sophie Mehta (H) def. Mary Fung-A-Fat – (3-0)

No. 5 Eleonore Evans (H) def. Fiona Power – (3-0)

No. 6 Dileas MacGowan (H) def. Kathryn Bottger – (3-0)

No. 7 Caroline Monrad (H) def. Kaitlyn Money – (3-0)

No. 8 Keegan Mendez (H) def. Maria Diagama – (3-0)

No. 9 Annika Engstrom (H) def. Kristine Giltvedt – (3-0)

No. 10 Caroline Monrad (H) def. Jennifer White – (3-0)