Women's Squash Completes First Training Session in India

Photo courtesy of Chris Smith.

The top-ranked Harvard women's squash team is traveling to India for an 11-day training and service trip. Members of the team will post regular blog entries on during their trip over the next few weeks.

Blog Post by Vidya Rajan ’13 on Jan. 5
Blog Post by Alexandra Zindman '11  on Jan. 8
Map of Harvard Destinations During Trip to India
Photo Gallery of Harvard Women's Squash in India

Post by Cece Cortes '12

Today was one of the most squash-intensive days of the trip with one of the two sessions being a much-anticipated match against CCI. We prepped ourselves for the big day with the hotel's impressive complimentary breakfast spread. A few of us tried the "dosa," the Indian equvalent of a crepe filled with potatoes, onions and spices--yum! Alisha (Mashruwala), our resident Indian-in-training took a break from her rigorous exotic-food-eating regimen to eat smiley-face fries and scrambled eggs; needless to say she was pleased after the interesting dishes of the night before. We packed up, piled into the familiar silver vans, and set off for our first session of the day.

After a brief Hindi lesson and photo op of the coaches in dance poses we warmed up, repeating the new phrases we'd learned to pump each other up--some of the phrases included me bhukhi hoo (i'm hungry) me pyasi hoo (i'm thirsty), and chaltahe, the hindi equivalent of hakuna matata (Baj's favorite). We spent the morning playing matches to adjust our games to the hot courts and dead floors--a lethal combination for those used to the cold courts and spring-floors of the Murr Center. Squash was followed by a quick team meeting, and a stop at the smallest Subway shop to comfortably fit both a customer and sandwich-maker. We napped, we tanned, we napped some more, and finally made our ways back into the silver vans for our big match. CCI greeted us with a wonderful reception and scrumptious food and drink (no doubt trying to weigh us down before the match), where they presented us with plaques of appreciation and polo shirt, and we in turn presented the team and club officials with plaques, Harvard squash ties, and Harvard squash 2010 shirts.

Then, down to business: 12 matches, two spectator courts, and some loyal fans eager to watch some solid battles. Then off to dinner with the Mashruwalas, we toasted our first match of the new year and stumbled into bed, sad that our final day in Mumbai was approaching. We are taking the day off from squash to see the sights of Mumbai including a few museuems.