Women's Soccer Continues Italy Trip by Exploring Venice

Women's Soccer Continues Italy Trip by Exploring Venice

Pictured: Katherine Kuzma and Lauren Mann
Photo courtesy: Harvard women's soccer

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Blog post by Katherine Kuzma '11 and Lauren Mann '10

Venice-our final destination, and even after five cities, one republic, and \three games, we still couldn't wait to get out and explore. Despite the early wake-up call and 3-hour bus ride, we found ourselves getting off the S.S. Barracuda, after crossing the Adriatic Sea, ready to go.

Only an hour was allocated to roam the numerous alleyways, but this was ample time to lose ourselves in the quaint shops and cafes that line the streets. Known for its masks and blown glass, Venice gave us plenty of opportunities to finish off the remaining Euros that jingled in our pockets.

We made our way to San Marco Square where our next adventure awaited us. One of our personal highlights of the whole trip was a gondola ride through the narrow canals, giving us a true feel of the Floating City. Complete with six seats and a serenading gondolier, everyone enjoyed this unique perspective of the city. This half-hour escapade allowed everyone to see the inner workings of the city and helped us appreciate just how special Venice really is.

Once back on dry land, the explorations continued. While some searched to find the perfects gifts for those back home, others took the time to enjoy one (or four) more gelatos before we return home.

We left Venice wishing for more time on this sinking city, knowing that there was so much left to discover, but with another long bus ride ahead of us we once again crossed the Adriatic Sea, this time en route to Milan for our final night.

While most have been basking in the sun on a typical Spring Break trip, we were given an amazing opportunity to take on Northern Italy and all it had to throw at us. While our waist-lines may have suffered, it was a fine price to pay for the experience of a lifetime. Now the moon hits our eye, like a big pizza pie...and its amore.

Ciao Italia, Hello America
Mann and Kuz