Women's Soccer Makes Stops at San Marino, Adriatic Sea

Women's Soccer Makes Stops at San Marino, Adriatic Sea

Pictured: Harvard freshmen at San Marino
Photo courtesy: Harvard women's soccer

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Blog post by Courtney Diekema '13, Taryn Kurcz '13 and Alicia Johnson '13

Halo, ciao, hola, bonjour! Today was a very multilingual day. It started off like every other day with a delicious breakfast with the team in our beautiful San Marino hotel...aka the Best Western.

Next, we had the bus ride to the majestic mountaintop capital of San Marino, the smallest and oldest independent republic in the world. Our charming local guide Lara gave us a detailed background on the country and the dismal escapades of its soccer team. We also learned that if you want to become president of a country, move to a country that has elections every six months and only 30 thousand inhabitants.

At the very top of the mountain sits the medieval castle which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys of Italy and offered us many great photo opportunities. After nearly exhausting our camera memory cards, we finished our tour and split up to explore the unbelievable city. The nine freshmen had a wonderful lunch on the mountaintop with a picturesque view as we tasted the culture of San Marino.

After a few more exciting escapades (not excluding getting lost) we congregated at the gate to the city and ran into a group of very enthusiastic Italian peers. Between Courtney's German, Taryn's Italian, Alicia's French, and AJ's Spanish, and their broken English we were able to have some interesting conversations. Unfortunately we had a bus to catch and our new found friendships were short lived. So we were back on the bus and headed to Rimini the Jersey Shore of Italy. Just kidding. It was actually a nice stop along the Adriatic coast to dip our toes into a new sea. The water was a bit cold for our more southernly folk but the east coasters were all over it.

We were back to the bus after a few more adventures and then back to the luxury palace for dinner. Looks like it's gonna be a nice night with the team in the hotel.

Ciao bella
Courtney, Taryn and AJ