Women's Soccer Explores Florence, Plays Third Scrimmage

Women's Soccer Explores Florence, Plays Third Scrimmage

Pictured: Alicia Johnson and Catherine Coppinger
Photo courtesy: Harvard women's soccer

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Blog post by Alicia Harrison '13 and Catherine Coppinger '13

Today we packed up and headed to Florence for an exciting morning in the city. We had free time for most of the day so we decided to split up and explore Firenze. First stop for everyone was the Duomo. Some decided to make the trek up its 460 some steps for an aerial view of the city while others chose browse through the fine leather selection that Florence had to offer. The city boasts several museums, and Michaelangelo's David sculpture was a popular attraction. After some shopping and sightseeing, we headed to a local restaurant to try some authentic Italian pizza. We were the only non-locals in the restaurant, but fortunately, we were able to apply some newly-learned Italian phrases to help us through the meal. Buon appetito!

We then strolled across the Ponte Vecchio, the first bridge built in Florence in the 1300s. On the other side of the bridge, we found the sprawling Pitti Palace, former home of the legendary Medici family, complete with a beautiful garden and five museums. Fresh gelato in hand, the team returned to the bus after an eventful and exciting day of exploration.

Two and a half short  hours later, due to fun bus games, we arrived in Cervia, ready to take on our final Italian opponent. We ate a quick pregame meal of pasta and prosciutto in a self-service restaurant.

It was a hard-fought game, though the end result didn't go our way. Cervia started out the scoring, but Katherine Sheeleigh answered in the first few minutes of the second half with a well-placed breakaway goal off of a bending ball from Becca Millock. Both teams played hard, but Cervia scored the winning goal off of a corner kick, despite many scoring chances for Harvard.

We're grateful for the opportunity to compete against so many great Italian teams this week. We look forward to the rest of the trip. Ciao bella!

Catherine and Alicia