Women's Soccer Visits Lake Como, Milan

Women's Soccer Visits Lake Como, Milan

Pictured: Members of the Harvard women's soccer team enjoy time on Lake Como.
Photo courtesy: Harvard women's soccer.

Day 1 Blog

Blog post by Hana Taiji '12 and Lindsey Kowal '12

After a great Italian breakfast on Lake Como, the team travelled to Milan to spend an afternoon  exploring  one of the fashion capitals of the world. We began our journey with a panoramic tour of the city by bus before checking out the beautifully elaborate cathedral known as the Duomo. Once the tour ended, we were given free reign to look around on our own.

A few of us decided that the best way to experience the city was to use rental bikes and try our luck at maneuvering through the crazy traffic, non-stopping trollies, and bumpy cobble streets. In the two-hour time period that we spent biking we saw it all: ancient stadiums; medevil castles; city parks; and determined street vendors among other things.

The biking was amazing, but one of the highlights of the day for us two was definitely the pigeon feeding that took place in the open plaza in front of the duomo. oddly enough, we were the only lucky (unlucky?) two to partake. We were innocently standing with our team when we were approached by cunning young man who thrust popcorn kernals into our hands.

Before we knew it, we were swarmed by a flock of hungry birds and left with dirty hands. for some reason, our teammates wouldn't go near us afterwards, but we didn't mind. Now, we are on our way to eat a pregame meal before our first game. Today has already been a great success, let's go play some soccer!

Ciao for now,
Lindsey and Hana