Women’s Rugby Host Crimson 7s Tournament To Kick Off Sevens Season

Photo: Gil Talbot
Photo: Gil Talbot

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The Harvard women's rugby sevens season kicks off with the fifth annual Crimson 7s Tournament on Saturday, March 30. The Crimson is set to play three games against Colby-Sawyer (9:40 a.m.), Sacred Heart (11:40 a.m.) and Quinnipiac (1:20 p.m.). Harvard will also field a second team in the round robin pool. All games will be played at Mignone Field and broadcast on ESPN+.


A: Dartmouth, Army, American International, Molloy

B: Harvard, Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart, Colby-Sawyer

Round Robin: Dartmouth 2, Harvard 2, Army 2, Northeastern

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What to Know:

  • The tournament will field 26 games over the course of the day, beginning at 9 a.m. until the Cup Final game at 5:20 p.m.
  • In the fall, the Harvard 15s team won the Ivy Championship against Dartmouth, 12-3. The team also earned its first berth in program history to the NIRA Championship game.
  • In last year's Crimson 7s tournament, the team made it to the program's fourth Cup Final appearance. 
  • Harvard finished its 7s season last year by making it to the Bowl Final at the USA Rugby 7s Championship.

Up Next:
Harvard will host the Ivy League 7s tournament on April 13. Games will be played at Mignone Field and broadcast on ESPN+.


1          9:00 a.m.         Dartmouth vs. Molloy

2          9:20 a.m.         Army vs. AIC

3          9:40 a.m.         Harvard vs. Colby-Sawyer                 

4          10:00 a.m.       Quinnipiac vs. Sacred Heart              

5          10:20 a.m        Dartmouth 2 vs. Northeastern

6          10:40 a.m        Harvard 2 vs. Army 2              

7          11:00 a.m.       Dartmouth vs. AIC       

8          11:20 a.m.       Army vs. Molloy                     

9          11:40 a.m.       Harvard vs. Sacred Heart                  

10        12:00a.m.        Quinnipiac vs. Colby-Sawyer             

11        12:20 p.m.       Harvard 2 vs Northeastern

12        12:40 p.m        Dartmouth 2 vs. Army 2                     

13        1:00 p.m.         Dartmouth vs. Army              

14        1:20 p.m.         Harvard vs. Quinnipiac                      

15        1:40 p.m.         AIC vs. Molloy           

16        2:00p.m.          Sacred Heart vs. Colby-Sawyer                      

17        2:20 p.m.         Harvard 2 vs. Dartmouth 2

18        2:40 p.m.         Army 2 vs. Northeastern                    

19        3:00 p.m.         Plate Semifinal - 5th Place vs. 8th Place                    

20        3:20 p.m.         Plate Semifinal - 6th Place vs. 7th Place                    

21        3:40 p.m.         Cup Semifinal - 1st Place vs. 4th Place                      

22        4:00 p.m.         Cup Semifinal - 2nd Place vs. 3rd Place                     

23        4:20 p.m.         Round Robin Final                 

24        4:40 p.m.         Plate Final                   

25        5:00 p.m.         Cup Consolation 

26        5:20 p.m.         Cup Final