Harvard at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational


125 pounds
Steven Keith (2-2)
W vs. Jacob Tanenbaum (Cal Poly) Md, 10-2
L vs. Top-seed/No. 3 Anthony Robles (Arizona State) D, 8-4
W vs. Manuel Ramirez (North Carolina-Greensboro) D, 6-2
L vs. Allen Bartelli (Boise State) D,  4-1

133 pounds
Shay Warren (1-2)
L vs. 9-seed/No. 11 Kelly Kubec (Oregon State) D, 6-0
W vs. Justin Solberg (North Dakota State) D, 5-2
L vs. Jose Mendoza (Cal State-Bakersfield) Md,  15-4

141 pounds
Joe Alie (0-2)
L vs. 6-seed/No. 10 Michael Mangrum (Oregon State) F, 4:23
L vs. Daniel Arnel (Wisconsin) D, 5-3

149 pounds (4-1)
2-seed/No. 7 Corey Jantzen
W vs. Andrey Patselov (North Dakota State) TFall, 19-2
W vs. Donnie Corby (Central Michigan) F, 0:27
W vs. 7-seed/No. 18  Coulthurst Schmitt (Wisconsin) D, 4-3
W vs. Eric Terrazas (Illinois) D, 8-3
L vs. 1-seed/No. 3 Jason Chamberlain (Boise State)D, 4-2

157 pounds
11 seed Walter Peppelman (6-2)
W vs. Joshua Nolan (San Francisco State) F, 1:02
L vs. 6-seed/No. 11 Peter Yates (Virginia Tech) D, 5-1
W vs. Jonathan Rodebaugh (North Carolina-Greensboro) F, 1:29* 
W vs.  9-seed No. 16 Matt Lester (Oklahoma) D, 10-5
W vs. 5-seed/No. 6 Paul Young (Indiana), medical forfeit
W vs. 7-seed/No. 12 Colton Salazar (Purdue) D, 5-4
W vs. 3-seed/No. 4 Colt Sponseller (Ohio State) D, 9-2
L vs. 1-seed/No. 8 Bryce Saddaris (Navy)D, 5-1

*worth noting is that he would have had the tech in that amount of time had the fall not happened

165 pounds
Adam Hogue (1-2)
L vs. 4-seed/No. 6 Paul Gillespie (Hofstra) Md, 9-0
W vs.  Colton Gleason (North Carolina State), D, 3-0
L vs. Eren Civan (Columbia) D, 7-3

174 pounds
Ian Roy (1-2)
L vs. Justin Wieller (Drexel) D, 7-3
W vs. Stephen West (Columbia) D, 3-1
L vs. Victor Carazo (Grand Canyon) D, 3-1

184 pounds
Cameron Croy (3-2)
W vs. Colt Goff (Dickinson State) Md, 14-6
L vs. 2-seed/ No. 5 A.J. Kissel (Purdue) D, 6-0
W vs. Brandon Vorrius (Brown) Md, 19-7
W vs. 10-seed Peter Capone (Ohio State) D, 4-2 SV
L vs. 9-seed Tony Dallago(Illinois) Md, 10-2

197 pounds
Bryan Panzano (0-2)
L vs.8-seed Keldrick Hall (Oklahoma) Md, 13-5
L vs. Chris Penny (Virginia Tech) Md, 10-1