Alumnae Testimonials


Harvard hockey represents so many things in my life. It was not only the team I played for, it was and continues to be a part of who I am.

Its a philosophy that you carry about yourself, and those around you.

Its about commitment and dedication to a cause greater than yourself - unselfishness and humility, but self-confidence and self-respect. The person I was when I arrived at Harvard and the person I am today are two completely different people, because of Harvard Hockey.

Our team was more than a group of athletes - we were a family. And not a day goes by that I don't miss that part of my life.

Harvard Hockey lives beyond Harvard Yard, and Bright Hockey Center and Leverett House, it is a lifelong membership into a family of incredibly gifted, motivated, intelligent and wonderful people who teach you the most important lessons about yourself and inspire you in so many ways to be the best person you can be

Nicole Corriero '05


To me, hockey hasn't just been about winning games, scoring goals or national championship appearances. While I know I will never forget some of those moments, 20 years down the road I'm going to look back at my Harvard experience and remember my teammates and coaches, roadtrips, team meals, and the thousands of hours we spent together down at the rink.

I've learned a lot about myself and others over the past four years, and I can only imagine how much I am going to miss playing on a team with 20 of my best friends.

Jennifer Sifers '07


Coming into Harvard, I had extremely high expectations. I soon found myself surrounded by world-class athletes, some of the brightest minds of my generation, and some of the most creative and truly enjoyable people I have met. My friends and teammates consistently amazed me with their dynamic interests and personalities. Playing hockey at Harvard gave me the opportunity to experience the best of all worlds: Academically, Harvard is second to none. Athletically, we were in the hunt for a national title every year. And socially, I can't imagine a place I could have better developed as a person. My experiences far exceeded what I had hoped.

Proud as we are of our championships, our Patty Kazmaier winners, and our Olympians, the meaning of Harvard hockey runs much deeper. Harvard hockey is about the program - past, present, and future. The strength of the collection of people who help shape the challenges, growth, and above all else, the positive relationships, is paramount.

Being a part of Harvard hockey isn't a 4-year deal. I feel a strong kinship with the players who played at Harvard before me and with the girls who have come after me. I am not finished growing from my Harvard hockey experiences and from being educated by those involved in the program. HH will be a part of me forever.

Angie Francisco '01

My Harvard hockey experience was incredible. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of such a special program.

It was a program that provided me the chance to pursue excellence, and I know that I developed in many ways both as a person and as an athlete. It was a strong stepping stone that helped me improve in college and at the international level.

I gained confidence and poise while I was with Harvard Hockey, and I made friends that will last a lifetime. I will always remember my days at Harvard and look back so fondly. I often took little "moments of appreciation" just to really enjoy my surroundings ­- the coaches, the players, the support staff, the entire program was professional, and it brings out the best in everyone.

I cannot give enough praise to Harvard hockey and for the important role that it played in helping my future.

Jennifer Botterill '02-03

Jillian Dempsey '13 and Laura Bellamy '13 (video)