Fencing Displays Excellence at NCAA Northeast Regionals

Fencing Displays Excellence at NCAA Northeast Regionals

Pictured: Caroline Vloka
Photo courtesy: Gil Talbot Photography

PROVIDENCE, R.I.- The Harvard men's and women's fencing squads placed seven in the top five at the NCAA Northeast Regionals. The top 10 was lined with 13 Crimson fencers in the six competitions.

James Hawrot earned a first-place finish in the epee while teammates Karl Harmenberg placed third and Ben White finished ninth in the competition. Thomas di Robilant finished in second-place in the foil competition while Hao Meng garnered a third-place finish. Michael Tom and Valentin Staller finished the event with a seventh-place and ninth-place finish in the sabre, respectively.

En route to a first-place finish, Hawrot posted a 4-2 record in the opening round, a 5-1 mark in pool three and an 8-3 record in the final round. Harmenberg sported 4-2 record in pool one, 3-3 in round two and 8-3 in the final round. Staller and White each went undefeated in the first pool and 5-1 in the second round. Thomas di Robilant went 3-3 in the first round, 1-5 in the second round and 8-3 in the final pool. Meng went 3-3 in the first pool, 4-2 in pool two and 7-4 in the final bouts.

Sophomore co-captains Noam Mills and Caroline Vloka each placed second in their respective competitions. Shelby MacLeod earned a fourth-place finish while Felicia Sun posted a sixth-place finish in her first season. Arielle Pensler placed eighth and Artemisha Goldfeder finished in tenth.

Vloka went 6-0 in the opening round, 4-2 in pool two and 9-2 in the final bouts. Mills posted 6-0 records in the first two pools and an 8-3 mark in the final round. MacLeod won all six bouts in the first pool, four bouts in round two and picked up seven victories in the final round. Sun put up five wins in the opening pool, a 4-2 record in the second round and a 6-5 mark in the finals. Pensler posted identical scores of 4-2 in the first two rounds and won four bouts in the final pool. Goldfeder sported 5-1 records in pools one and two and grabbed three wins in the final round of bouts.

Harvard returns to action as it hosts the 2010 NCAA Championships. The competitors for the event will be announced later in the week.

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