Radcliffe Lightweight Crew First and Second Varsity Eight Top Bates, Simmons

Radcliffe Lightweight Crew First and Second Varsity Eight Top Bates, Simmons

The Radcliffe lightweight crew will compete for the Knecht Cup April 8-9 (Zack Williamson).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The Radcliffe lightweight crew saw action on the Charles River for the first time in 2017, as the Black and White first and second varsity eight picked up victories over Bates College and Simmons College.

On a morning with a slight head wind which gently increased throughout the racing, the Radcliffe varsity eight opened the day by cruising to the win in 7:14.1. Bates (7:22.1) and Simmons (8:00.4) came in second and third, respectively.  

In the second varsity race, Radcliffe, again, claimed victory, finishing the course in 7:28.5, ahead of Bates (7:36.0) and Simmons (8:21.5).

Bates won the third varsity event, topping the Black and White with a time of 7:53.3. Radcliffe came in second at 8:01.3, followed by the Bates fourth varsity eight (8:19.7) and Simmons (8:46.1).

The Black and White will travel to West Windsor, New Jersey, as Radcliffe will compete for the Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake April 8-9.

Varsity Eight
Coxswain: McKenzie Parks; Stroke: Alanah Anderson; 7: Josie Theile; 6: Samantha Shao: 5: Elizabeth Pate; 4: Ada Bielawski; 3: Genevieve Shaw; 2: Serena Blacklow; Bow: Erin Walk
Radcliffe         7:14.1
Bates              7:22.1
Simmons        8:00.4

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Electra Lang; Stroke: Julia Baumel; 7; Maria Boyle; 6: Julia Henry; 5: Ruby Emberling; 4: Molly Lesser; 3: Mykayla Sandler; 2: Julia Davis; Bow: Bel Evans
Radcliffe          7:28.5
Bates               7:36.0
Simmons         8:21.5

Third Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Maria Stoica; Stroke: Tessa Buchan; 7: Sarah Lagan; 6: Ellie Bernstein; 5: Gina Cusing; 4: Margaret Irwin; 3: Allison Oliva; 2: Gretchen Dougherty; 1: Fiona Fitzgerald
Bates              7:53.3
Radcliffe         8:01.3
Bates 4V        8:19.7
Simmons        8:46.1