CHAMPS! Radcliffe Lights Earn Konrad Ulbrich Trophy, V8 Earns Sprints Title

CHAMPS! Radcliffe Lights Earn Konrad Ulbrich Trophy, V8 Earns Sprints Title

CAMDEN, N.J. – For the first time in program history, the No. 3 Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight crew varsity eight won its third-straight Eastern Sprints title with a three-second victory over BU Sunday afternoon on the Cooper River.

"We definitely went into Sprints trying to keep the focus in our own boat," wrote the Radcliffe varsity eight. "We wanted to make it amazing race for the three dedicated seniors in our boat. We were so happy to finally have perfect race conditions after a few tough races earlier this season, and it gave us a chance to find the rhythm and boat speed we've been working toward this season."

The Black and White finished in 6:36.267, half a boat length up on the Terriers. BU clocked a time of 6:39.183, followed by Princeton (6:43.860) in third. Wisconsin (6:50.915) and Georgetown (7:00.886) rounded out the top five.

Blasting away from the competition before the half way point, the varsity eight never looked back, picking up more speed as they pushed further away from the pack. 

Radcliffe won the Konrad Ulbrich Trophy for the third-straight season after finishing second in each of the other four events.

The Black and White was three seconds off the pace of BU in the second varsity race, clocking a time of 6:47.447. Wisconsin and Princeton ranked third and fourth, respectively.

"We had very tough competition this season, and we are really proud of everything we have accomplished as a boat," said senior captain Taylor Garden. "I could not have asked for a better way to get off the water at my last Eastern Sprints."

The varsity four finished second with a time of 7:52.077, as Wisconsin won (7:47.383). Georgetown placed third with a time of 7:58.372. The novice four boat was open water behind Wisconsin and ahead of the Tigers.

Radcliffe will be back in New Jersey for the IRA National Championships May 29-31 on Lake Mercer.

First Varsity
Coxswain: Samantha Guhan; Stroke: Adelaide Backer; 7: Naomi Lang; 6: Gabrielle McNeill; 5: Elizabeth Pate; 4: Adrienne Bielawski; 3: Elizabeth MacEachern; 2: Olivia Henry; Bow: Claire Harmange
1. Radcliffe: 6:36.267
2. BU: 6:39.183
3. Princeton: 6:43.860
4. Wisconsin: 6:50.915
5. Georgetown: 7:00.886

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Gabriella Giugliano; Stroke: Ronit Malka; 7: Taylor Garden; 6: Julia Baumel; 5: Serena Blacklow; 4: Erin Walk; 3: Ruby Emberling; 2: Genevieve Shaw; Bow: Katelyn McEvoy
1. BU: 6:42.893
2. Radcliffe: 6:47.447
3. Wisconsin: 6:50.847
4. Princeton: 6:59.730

Varsity Four
Stroke: Alanah Anderson; 3: Jasmine Schlichting; 2: Yaara Yacoby; Bow: Tiffany Fonseca; coxswain: Madeline Zabriskie
1. Wisconsin: 7:47.383
2. Radcliffe: 7:52.077
3. Georgetown: 7:58.372
4. Princeton: 8:16.739
5. BU: 8:23.099

Novice Four
Stroke: Natalie Henderson; 3: Sophie Altcheck; 2: Elizabeth Koch; Bow: Emily Tiberi; Coxswain: Electra Lang
1. Wisconsin: 7:41.273
2. Radcliffe: 8:07.536
3. Princeton: 8:17.756