Radcliffe Lights Earn Points Trophy as Varsity Eight Sets Course Record at EAWRC Sprints

Photo courtesy of Radcliffe rowing
Photo courtesy of Radcliffe rowing

Radcliffe won back-to-back varsity eight Sprints titles for the first time since 1996-97.

CAMDEN, N.J. – The No. 1 Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight crew varsity eight set a new course record on the Cooper River, winning gold at the EAWRC Sprints for the second-straight year. 

"The 1V went out there today feeling fully prepared for anything that was thrown at them," said head coach Lou Berl. "They were calm, confident and composed when they shoved off the dock and looked hungry and tough as ever. It was a beautiful race.

"Wisconsin and Princeton threw some big stuff at them from the start, but they stayed in the zone and walked away looking incredibly strong, together and beautiful," continued Berl. "The team has a renewed desire and will be focused for IRA's"

The Black and White also earned its second-straight Konrad Ulbrich Points Trophy as the second varsity eight, varsity four and novice four all finished second in their respective grand finals.

It marked the first time since 1996-97 that Radcliffe has won back-to-back V8 Sprints titles. This marked the first time in the eight-year history of the award that the Black and White earned two-consecutive Konrad Ulbrich trophies, given to the team with the best overall performance.

Under windy conditions, Radcliffe, stroked by Naomi Lang and coxed by Erin Driscoll, set a strong pace to set a new course record on the Cooper River with a time of 6:26.536. Wisconsin crossed behind with a time of 6:30.876. Princeton ranked third four seconds later.

"I am impressed with our team's performance this weekend in each event's competitive field," said senior captain Elizabeth Lenczowski. "We are grateful to have such strong competition from Princeton, Wisconsin, BU and Georgetown and look forward to racing again in June at the IRA regatta."

The second varsity nearly pulled out a win, crossing just a seat behind BU. Radcliffe clocked a time of 6:46.139 as the Terriers pulled out a win just over a half second before (6:45.569).

"The results are a great testament to the resilience and drive of this team," said senior captain Andrea Linares. "We put up some great numbers against some great teams. The field was very competitive today and we put out all that we had. All teams should be very proud."

The varsity four and novice four also finished second in their respective grand finals.  The Black and White finished second to Wisconsin (7:46.455), clocking a time of 7:51.957.

Radcliffe will head to the IRA National Championships May 29-June 1 in Mercer, N.J.

Varsity Eight Grand Final:
Radcliffe – 6:26.536
Wisconsin – 6:30.876
Princeton – 6:34.464
Boston University – 6:38.381 

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final:
Boston University - 6:45.569
Radcliffe - 6:46.139
Wisconsin - 6:50.247
Princeton - 7:25.344 

Varsity Four Grand Final:
Wisconsin - 7:46.455

Radcliffe - 7:51.957
Boston University - 8:07.438
Princeton - 8:57.90

Novice Four Grand Final:
Wisconsin - 7:56.330
Radcliffe - 8:13.567
Boston University - 8:16.892

First Varsity
Coxswain: Erin Driscoll; Stroke: Naomi Lang; 7: Adelaide Backer; 6: Elizabeth Pate; 5: Gabrielle McNeill; 4: Claire Harmange; 3: Katherine Mallett; 2: Elizabeth Lenczowski; Bow: Olivia Henry 

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Gabriella Giugliano; Stroke: Andrea Linares; 7: Serena Blacklow; 6: Elizabeth Wang; 5: Taylor Garden; 4: Elizabeth MacEachern; 3: Ruby Emberling; 2: Devi Lockwood; Bow: Katherine Fair 

Varsity Four
4: Ronit Malka; 3: Emma Mackie; 2: Erin Walk; 1: Geraldine Jowett; Coxswain: Samantha Guhan