No. 1 Harvard-Radcliffe Lightweight Crew Sweeps No. 3 Princeton

Photo courtesy of Radcliffe crew
Photo courtesy of Radcliffe crew

Black and White earn second-consecutive Class of 1999 Cup.

PRINCETON, N.J. – The No. 1 Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight crew continued its unbeaten season, besting No. 3 Princeton on Lake Carnegie Saturday morning in a firm headwind.

The Black and White earned its second-consecutive, and third overall, Class of 1999 Cup with a win in the varsity eight. Radcliffe opened up an open water advantage over the 2K race, finishing in 7:14.4, while the Tigers crossed in 7:24.4. The Black and White was coxed by Erin Driscoll and led by Naomi Lang in the stroke seat.

In the second varsity race, Radcliffe built an early lead and would not relent, crossing the finish line in 7:29.7. Princeton lagged behind, clocking a time of 7:46.2.

The varsity four completed the sweep of the Tigers, posting a time of 8:22.9. The boat earned a lead after three strokes and won by an incredible distance, nearly 350m. 

The Black and White heads to EAWRC Championships Sunday, May 4 in Camden, N.J. 

Varsity Eight:
Radcliffe - 7:14.4
Princeton - 7:24.4 

Second Varsity Eight:
Radcliffe - 7:29.7
Princeton - 7:46.2

Varsity Four:
Radcliffe - 8:22.9
Princeton - 9:15.4

First Varsity
Coxswain: Erin Driscoll; Stroke: Naomi Lang; 7: Adelaide Backer; 6: Elizabeth Pate; 5: Gabrielle McNeill; 4: Claire Harmange; 3: Katherine Mallett; 2: Elizabeth Lenczowski; 1: Olivia Henry

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Gabriella Giugliano; Stroke: Andrea Linares; 7: Serena Blacklow; 6: Devi Lockwood; 5: Taylor Garden; 4: Elizabeth MacEachern; 3: Ruby Emberling; 2: Geraldine Jowett; 1: Katherine Fair

Varsity Four
4: Ronit Malka; 3: Emma MacKie; 2: Erin Walk; 1: Katelyn McEvoy; Coxswain: Samantha Guhan