No. 2 Radcliffe Lightweight Crew Sweeps MIT for Fourth-Straight Muri Cup

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson

Black and White earn open water wins in all races (Zack Williamson).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight crew swept MIT for its fourth-straight Muri Cup Sunday on the Charles River.

Racing with pink socks and hats in support of Harvard lightweight men's crew assistant coach Linda Muri, for whom the cup is named after, Radcliffe took all races by open water on a very choppy Charles. With a steady 13mph tailwind, the 1V posted a time of 6:44.7 to best the Engineers, who finished with a time of 7:08.4.

The second varsity posted a time of 6:44.7 to rank first ahead of MIT (7:14.7). The varsity four earned a 54-second win, clocking a time of 8:00.5.

The novice four completed the MIT sweep, crossing in 8:10.1. In the closest race of the day, MIT finished in 8:19.7.

Radcliffe will be back in action next weekend at Princeton in pursuit of the Class of 1999 Cup.

Varsity Eight:
Radcliffe - 6:44.7
MIT - 7:08.4 

Second Varsity:
Radcliffe - 6:56.6
MIT - 7:14.7

Varsity Four:
Radcliffe - 8:00.5
MIT - 8:54.9

Novice 4:
Radcliffe - 8:10.1
MIT - 8:19.7

First Varsity
Coxswain: Erin Driscoll; Stroke: Naomi Lang; 7: Adelaide Backer; 6: Elizabeth Pate; 5:Gabrielle McNeill; 4: Claire Harmange; 3: Katherine Mallett; 2 Elizabeth Lenczowski; Bow:Olivia Henry

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Gabbie Guigliano; Stroke: Andrea Linares; 7: Serena Blacklow; 6: Elizabeth Wang; 5: Taylor Garden; 4: Liza McEachern; 3: Ruby Emberling; 2: Devi Lockwood; Bow: Katherine Fair

Varsity Four
4: Ronit Malka; 3: Emma Mackie; 2: Erin Walk; 1: Geraldine Jowett

Novice Four
4: Katelyn McEvoy; 3: Lucy Burke; 2: Nicasia Beebe-Wang; 1: Yaara Yacoby; Coxswain: Laura Chang