Harvard-Radcliffe Lightweight Crew Cruises to Three Wins at Eastern Sprints

Harvard-Radcliffe Lightweight Crew Cruises to Three Wins at Eastern Sprints

Radcliffe poses after its successful day at EAWRC Sprints (photo courtesy Radcliffe lightweight crew).

The Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight crew varsity eight won gold at the EAWRC Sprints for the first time since 2004 and the second varsity and varsity four also won grand final races on the Cooper River. The first varsity and varsity four each won by more than nine seconds, while the second varsity pulled out a four-second win against the best boats in the east, to help Radcliffe to its first Konrad Ulbrich Points Trophy.

"It was great team execution and effort to win those three races," said head coach Michiel Bartman. "It was a very exciting day and I'm very proud of the girls."

Rowing through a strong cross headwind, Radcliffe opened up leads by the 500-meter mark in each of its three wins. After a quick start, the first varsity went on to produce the largest margin of victory, 8.259 seconds, in the first varsity race since 1996.  

The Black and White's 1V, which is ranked No. 1 in the country, finished the race in 7:17.823, well ahead of No. 3 Princeton's 7:26.082. No. 6 Georgetown was in third at 7:29.176 and No. 4 Wisconsin, winners of seven of the last eight EAWRC Sprints first varsity races, place fourth with a 7:31.578 finish.

The Radcliffe second varsity also paced its race from start to finish. The Black and White held a large lead at the 500-meter mark, until Wisconsin made a move. Radcliffe held off the Badgers and controlled the race through the finish line. The winning boat had more speed left, but Wisconsin made an exciting finish, crossing less than two seconds back of Radcliffe's top time of 7:34.405.

Before the first and second varsities had first-place showings, the varsity four set the tone for the day with a 10.088-second victory. Radcliffe's lineup, which has only rowed together for one week, built a one-length lead by the 500-meter line on its way to the rout. The Black and White cruised from there and crossed the line at 8:30.359, easily in front of Wisconsin in second at 8:40.437.

Radcliffe's wins helped the team secure the Konrad Ulbrich Points Trophy, given to the team with the best overall performance. It is the first time in the seven-year history of the trophy that Wisconsin has failed to win.

The Black and White will look to carry its momentum to the IRA National Championship May 30. Radcliffe's first varsity will be the favorite for its first national title since 2004 when it takes to the water in Sacramento, Calif.

Varsity Eight Grand Final
Radcliffe – 7:17.823
Princeton – 7:26.082
Georgetown – 7:29.176
Wisconsin – 7:31.578
Boston University – 7:46.524
Buffalo – 8:27.364

Second Varsity Grand Final
Radcliffe – 7:34.405
Wisconsin – 7:36.279

Varsity Four Grand Final
Radcliffe – 8:30.359
Wisconsin – 8:40.437
Princeton – 8:49.464
Georgetown – 8:55.519
Boston University – 9:02.091
Princeton 'B' – 9:10.189

Novice Eight Grand Final
Wisconsin – 8:19.096
Radcliffe – 9:18.169

First Varsity
Bow: Emma Framson; 2: Claire Harmange; 3:Taylor Garden; 4: Naomi Lang; 5: Katherine Mallett; 6: Emma Lukasiewicz; 7: Adelaide Backer; Stroke: Elizabeth Lenczowski; Coxswain:Erin Driscoll

Second Varsity
Bow: Christine Hughes; 2: Ronit Malka;3: Erika McCormick; 4: Veronique Irwin; 5: Elizabeth MacEachern; 6: Gabrielle McNeill; 7: Elizabeth Hamilton; Stroke: Andrea Linares; Coxswain: Kyla Adler-McDonald

Varsity Four
Bow: Devi Lockwood; 2: Katherine Fair; 3: Olivia Henry; Stroke: Elizabeth Wang; Coxswain: Elissa Lin

Novice Eight
Bow: Rebecca Curran; 2: Cybele Greenberg; 3: Laura Ottinger; 4: Karoline Xu; 5: Teresa Oszkinis; 6: Jenai Akina; 7: Niamh Durfee; Stroke: Nicole Golden; Coxswain: Gabriella Giugliano