Reigning National Champions Stanford Falls to Harvard-Radcliffe Lightweight Crew

Reigning National Champions Stanford Falls to Harvard-Radcliffe Lightweight Crew

The first varsity eight is pictured during the Beanpot March 30 (photo Harvard Athletic Communications).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The top three collegiate lightweight crews took to the Charles River Sunday morning and the No. 2-ranked Harvard-Radcliffe varsity eight emerged as the strongest of the day. The Black and White won with open water on No. 1 Stanford, the reigning national champions, No. 3 Princeton and No. 10 Boston University during the Charles River Lightweight Invite.

Radcliffe also won the second varsity event on the windy Charles. The weather improved as the morning progressed, but started with a variable, gusty headwind that created chilly air on the water.

The second varsity was the first race of the day and the Black and White won in convincing fashion. Radcliffe crossed the finish line in 7:25.7 with Princeton (7:33.5) and Stanford (7:38.9) trailing with open water.

In the next race, the Radcliffe varsity four and Boston University were closely contesting each other through the first 500 meters. The two were well ahead of Princeton and two other Radcliffe boats, before an error in the Black and White's boat caused it to slow down considerably. Radcliffe nearly came to a complete stop on the river before getting back into its cadence, allowing BU to pull away and hold on for the victory in 8:45.9. Radcliffe had boats cross at 9:02.1 and 9:03.2 ahead of Princeton at 9:18.2.

Radcliffe finished the day with a win in what could be a preview of the IRA National Championships. The Black and White squared off with the two other teams ranked in the top three, No. 1 Stanford and No. 3 Princeton, and built a one-length lead in the first 500 meters. Radcliffe continued to gradually add to its advantage before another surge had the Black and White leading with considerable open water with 750 meters to go. Radcliffe pushed to the finish line and clocked in at 7:05.7 to win by 5.4 seconds. Stanford was in second at 7:11.1, Princeton came in third with a 7:17.5 mark and Boston University was fourth at 7:27.9.

The Black and White is on the Charles River again next weekend to face No. 8 MIT in its last race before Eastern Sprints (May 5) and the IRA National Championships (May 30).

First Varsity Eight (Video)
Harvard-Radcliffe 7:05.7
Stanford 7:11.1
Princeton 7:17.5
Boston U. 7:27.9

Second Varsity Eight
Harvard-Radcliffe 7:25.7
Princeton 7:33.5
Stanford 7:38.9

Novice Four
Boston U. 8:45.9
Harvard-Radcliffe 'A' 9:02.1
Harvard-Radcliffe 'B' 9:03.2
Princeton 9:18.2
Harvard-Radcliffe 'C' 10:00.1

First Varsity
Bow: Emma Framson; 2: Claire Harmange; 3:Taylor Garden; 4: Naomi Lang; 5: Katherine Mallett; 6: Emma Lukasiewicz; 7: Adelaide Backer; Stroke: Elizabeth Lenczowski; Coxswain:Erin Driscoll

Second Varsity 
Bow: Christine Hughes; 2: Ronit Malka;3: Erika McCormick; 4: Veronique Irwin; 5: Elizabeth MacEachern; 6: Gabrielle McNeill; 7: Elizabeth Hamilton; Stroke: Andrea Linares; Coxswain: Kyla Adler-McDonald

Novice Four 
Bow: Rebecca Curran; 2: Cybele Greenberg; 3: Niamh Durfee; Stroke: Nicole Golden; Coxswain: Gabriella Giugliano

Novice Four 
Bow: Christine Hu; 2: Karoline Xu; 3: Teresa Oszkinis; 4: Jenai Akina; Coxswain: Samantha Guhan

Varsity Four 
Bow: Geraldine Jowett; 2: Tiffany Fonseca; 3: Devi Lockwood; Stroke: Corinne Wee; Coxswain: Elissa Lin