Radcliffe Lightweights Open by Beating Buffalo

The Radcliffe second varsity eight pulled away from Buffalo as the race wore on.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe lightweight crew got its spring dual season off to a winning start, with the varsity eight and second varsity defeating Buffalo on a sunny, cool Saturday morning on the Charles River.

The Black and White varsity eight finished in 7:03.93, about nine seconds ahead of the second varsity. The the Bulls crossed the line another four seconds back. The teams battled a tailwind throughout, with the toughest conditions coming in the third 500 meters.

“I thought it was a good start for us,” head coach Heather Cartwright said. “We still have a lot to work on, but both our crews handled the conditions well and got more comfortable as the race went along.”

The Radcliffe varsity eight pulled away early, going up by a boat length 500 meters into the race, leaving the second varsity and Buffalo to battle for second place. The Black and White gained a half-length advantage by the midway point, extended the lead to a length with 500 meters to go and held that advantage despite a strong finish by the Bulls.

Radcliffe A 7:03.93
Radcliffe B 7:13.04
Buffalo 7:17.04

Radcliffe Lineups
Varsity Eight (Radcliffe A)
Cox: Jana Douglas, 8: Erika McCormick, 7: Natalie Wong, 6: Lizzy Bates, 5: Kelly McCarthy, 4: Marissa Reichel, 3: Amanda Pfabe, 2: Grace Hollowell, 1: Liz Hamilton

Second Varsity Eight (Radcliffe B)
Cox: Maryana Vrubel, 8: Emma Lukasiewicz, 7: Charlotte Lane, 6: Lauren Brown, 5: Veronique Irwin, 4: Wynne Evans, 3: Medha Khandelwal, 2: Emily Boyd Walker, 1: Laurel Garbard-Durnam