Alumnae Share Their Thoughts

Alumnae Share Their Thoughts

Anna Seaton ’86
I rowed on two Olympic teams after college, but it’s my years of rowing at Radcliffe that mean the most to me. The lessons at Weld Boathouse in teamwork and dedication, and the friendships forged in the process, have had incomparable lifelong value.

Alison Townley ’87
Since graduation I have competed in six world championships, two Olympics and I have had a great career as an executive in the fashion industry.  Now I am blissfully focusing on raising my two small children. I have to say that my experience as a Radcliffe rower ranks among some of my fondest memories from Harvard and beyond. In addition, I continue to benefit from an incredible network of rowing alums who have helped me achieve success not only in the sport but also in my career and life goals.

Mairead Donoghue ’99
For all four years of college, Weld Boathouse was my home away from home. It was the one building on campus where I felt most comfortable, and the same seemed to be true for my teammates. Practices would stretch into whole afternoons and evenings as the “stretching mat” in the locker-room became a popular place to review flash cards and read class assignments. The sense of camaraderie and trust that we put to use every day on the water was evident in every interaction between us and gradually honed a team-building skill in each of us that extended to the rest of college life and beyond.

Stephanie Malliaris ’01
Radcliffe crew was, among other things, a place to escape “everything else” at college — a boathouse where only rowers went and left everything else behind. I knew that for two hours each day, I didn’t have to think about anything else except getting my blade in and out of the water in time with everyone else. I was around people with common goals: working hard, going fast and achieving greatness. Rowing was something to work for and to look forward to. We also managed to have a ton of fun along the way!

Sarah White ’03
There’s nothing like the big boat. Strapping your feet into an eight with some of the toughest athletes you’ll ever meet is a powerful moment. And the women on our team, more than others I’ve been teammates with or observed, have the hearts of lions. They understand sacrifice, competition, and compassion. Sometimes getting through a workout was hell, but all I need to do is turn around and see my boat behind me — if you can’t pull for yourself, you’ll always pull for them.

Lauren Sheerr ’04
I love Radcliffe crew because, beyond the sport itself, the team is great; the team atmosphere that we had would be impossible to find elsewhere. I think having our own boathouse really contributes to the team spirit and friendships we had here.

Hallie Gilman '94
Assistant Varsity/Novice Coach 1998-2002

When you’re working with Radcliffe athletes, it is difficult to imagine they could become more remarkable than they already are. As undergraduates, they are writing honors theses, volunteering in local schools, starring in student theatrical productions even as they are training and racing in the most competitive league in the nation. Still, what these women accomplish while at Harvard is only the beginning. Once they graduate, Radcliffe rowers serve as leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers and scholars in just about every field one can think of: medicine, law, education, banking, consulting, non-profit organizations, government agencies and the high-tech industry just to name a few. Around the country — and the globe — there is a network of remarkable women who remember rowing for Radcliffe as the most formative piece of their Harvard education. To be a part of the Radcliffe team is to join this extraordinary alumnae community even when you’ve finished training and competing with the squad!