No. 15 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Falls to No. 8 Brown

Photo by: Zack Williamson
Photo by: Zack Williamson

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The No. 15 Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew team was defeated by No. 8 Brown today, April 20 on the Seekonk River. The two teams raced against incoming tide with 13-15 mph headwind gusting to 20+. Additionally, the varsity eight race featured rain.

The Brown Bears topped the Black and White by 5.7 seconds in its varsity eight race, as Radcliffe clocked in at 7:15.10. Brown swept the last four races of the day, improving to 23-4 in its all-time series against Radcliffe.

Radcliffe picked up its sole win of the day in its B Varsity Four race, as the Black and White bested Brown's B and C varsity four with a time of 9.10.30.

Up Next
Radcliffe will return to Cambridge to host Yale and Northeastern on the Charles River next weekend, April 27.  

Varsity Eight:  Katherine Paglione (coxswain), Teresa Rokos (stroke), Georgia Wheeler (seven), Desmon Goodwin (six), Lucy Hamilton (five), Stephanie Eble (four), Isabelle Bastian (three), Rafaela Stalph (two), Erica Holmes (bow)

Second Varsity: Holly Conlon (coxwain), Sarah Tisdall (stroke), Eliza Kallfelz (seven), Caroline Noble (six), Caroline Sharis (five), Amanda Caromicoli (four), Kayla Baker (three), Grace Eysenbach (two), Sophia Young (bow)

Varsity Four A: Sophie Haugen (coxswain), Gretchen Schoenberger  (stroke), Catherine Joyce  (three), Georgia Bradley (two), Mirabel Levine (bow)

Varsity Four B: Jennifer Li (coxswain), Sophie De Angelis (stroke), Jillian McEneaney (three), Liz Kemp (two), Rosie Poling (bow)

Third Varsity: Haeyun Li (coxswain), Sofia-Marie Mascia (stroke), Mackenzi Curtin (seven), Mckenzy Wall (six), Meaghan Townsend (five), Ella Brown (four), Elizabeth Roe (three), Alexandra Dobbins (two), Maria Splaine (bow)

Varsity Eight
Brown – 7:09.40
Radcliffe – 7:15.10

Second Varsity Eight
Brown – 7:40.60
Radcliffe – 7:43.20

Varsity Four
Brown – 8:46.80
Radcliffe – 9:17.90

Radcliffe B – 9:10.30
Brown B – 9:17.60
Brown C – 9:47.30

Third Varsity Eight
Brown – 8:09.10
Radcliffe – 8:32.20