Ella Mentzines
Ella Mentzines
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
High School: Queenwood School for Girls

Freshman: Did Not Participate

Before Radcliffe: Silver medal in Junior Women’s 4+ at the Junior World Championships 2018, Gold in the Club Women’s 8+, Silver in the U23 Women’s 8+ & the U19 Women’s 4-, 4th in the U19 Women’s Pair and in the NSW Women’s Youth 8+ at 2018 Aus National Championship, Silver in the Schoolgirl 8+, Bronze in the U19 Women’s 8+ at 2017 Aus National Champs, Gold in the U17 Coxed Quad, Bronze in the Schoolgirl 8+ at 2016 Aus National Champs, Gold in the U17 Schoolgirl 8+ at 2015 Aus National Champs

Favorite class taken at Harvard: Ancient Lives with Gojko Barjamovic

Why Radcliffe? The Radcliffe rowers are an inspiring, determined group of girls who constantly strive for excellence both on the water and in the classroom. They support each other through thick and thin and I could think of a better bunch of chicks to call my second family!

If rowers had a walk-out song, what would yours be? Believer by Imagine Dragons/Run Boy Run by Woodkid