No. 8 Brown Defeats No. 16 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew

No. 8 Brown Defeats No. 16 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – No. 16 Radcliffe heavyweight crew and No. 8 Brown engaged in closely contested competition all morning Saturday, but the Bears were able to defeat the Black and White in each of the five races staged on the Charles River.  

Radcliffe's five races late in the morning wrapped up an active day on the Charles, as all four Harvard-Radcliffe crews were in action. Temperatures began to rise through the 40s during the Black and White's racing while the estimated 10 mph wind to the northwest was breezier, creating choppy conditions on the water.

The varsity eight began the racing and the Black and White and the Bears produced a race that was not decided until the final strokes. Remaining within a couple seats of each other throughout the 2,000 meters, Brown was able to make a final surge down the stretch, posting a time of 6:52.433 to Radcliffe's 6:55.021.

The second varsity eight race permeated similar drama, but exhibited a similar result, as Brown edged Radcliffe by slightly more than three seconds in part due to a late stroke push. The Bears went on to win the varsity four and second varsity four races before capping the day with a final win in the third varsity eight.

1V: Katherine Paglione (coxswain), Caroline Noble (stroke), Marina Felix (7), Stephanie Eble (6), Erica Holmes (5), Hope Cessford (4), Sofia Donnecke (3), Rafaela Stalph (2), Georgia Seidel (bow)

2V: Kaitlyn Felsheim (coxswain), Grace Eysenbach (stroke), Sophia Young (7), Xaley Yousey (6), Lucy Hamilton (5), Hailey Novis (4), Heidi Nocka (3), Hannah Osborn (2), Katherine Playfair (bow)

V4A: Jennifer Li (coxswain), Sarah Tisdall (stroke), Catherine Joyce (3), Desi Goodwin (2), Maria Splaine (bow)

V4B: Anna Peng (coxswain),  Kate Laumann-Wallace (3), Elizabeth Roe (2), Jillian Scyocurka (2), Kathleen Malloch (bow)

3V: Paige Coolidge (coxswain), Gretchen Schoenberger (stroke), Mirabel Levine (7), Emma Orcutt (6), Rosie Poling (5), Elizabeth Kemp (4), Leisel Von Imhof, Clara Duffy (2), Jillian McEneaney

4VC: Lisa Chille (coxswain), Mackenzi Curtin (stroke), Mirabel Levine (3), Sofia Marie Mascia (2), Katherine Rauner (bow)


1. Brown – 6:52.433
2. Radcliffe – 6:55.021

1. Brown – 6:58.575
2. Radcliffe – 7:01.908 

1. Brown – 7:34.881
2. Radcliffe – 7:46.467 

1. Brown – 7:54.484
2. Radcliffe – 8:07.636
3. Radcliffe C – 8:49.800 

1. Brown – 7:12.068
2. Brown 4V – 7:16.435
3. Radcliffe – 7:29.042

Radcliffe heads back to New Jersey next weekend to compete in the Ivy Round Robin April 7 on Lake Carnegie.