No. 16 Radcliffe Heavyweights Win Three Races Against No. 17 Michigan State, BC

Radcliffe will race at Eastern Sprints April 30 (Penny Ashford).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- On a beautiful, clear day for racing on the Charles River, the No. 16 Radcliffe heavyweight crew claimed victories in the 2V8, 3V8 and V4B events against No. 17 Michigan State and Boston College.

With a variable crosswind at 5-8 mph and a slight head current and chop, the Black and White won the first race of the day, the V4B, by cruising to a time of 7:42.8, followed by the Spartans (7:57.0) and BC (8:11.6). Radcliffe followed that performance with another sizable victory, taking the 3V8 with a mark of 7:04.3 MSU was second in 7:13.0, BC's 3V8 was third (7:27.2) and BC's 4V8 rounded out the field (7:31.7).

In the V4A, the Spartans edged the Black and White, taking the flag in 7:30.9, compared to 7:33.6. BC was third in 8:00.0.

Radcliffe posted its third victory in the second varsity eight, posting a winning time of 6:44.6, eight seconds ahead of MSU (6:52.6). The Eagles placed third (7:04.8).

In the first varsity eight, Radcliffe came in second at 6:39.1, as Michigan State won the race in 6:34.2, and the Eagles rounded out the field (6:53.3).

Up next, Radcliffe will prepare for the Eastern Sprint Championships, held on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Massachusetts Sunday, April 30.

Varsity Eight: Helen Eisenach (coxswain), Grace Eysenbach (stroke), Zabie Elmgren (7), Steph Eble (6), Erica Holmes (5), Teresa Rokos (4), Kelsey Barolak (3), Bella Benduski (2), Sophia Young (bow)

Second Varsity Eight: Katherine Paglione (coxswain), Georgia Wheeler (stroke), Rafaela Stalph (7), Hannah Osborn (6), Sofia Donnecke (5), Heidi Nocka (4), Corinne Bozzini (3), Desi Goodwin (2), Tori Basedow (bow) 

Varsity Four A: Katie Felsheim (coxswain), Catherince Joyce (stroke), Hailey Novis (3), Kathleen Malloch(2), Abba Parker (bow)  

Varsity Four B: Jenny Li (coxswain), Elizabeth Roe (stroke), Georgia Seidel (Sunday) (3), Sarah Tisdall (2), Mirabel Levine (bow)

Third Varsity Eight: Catherine O'Donnell (coxswain), Elizabeth Ashford (stroke), Liz Kemp (7), Charlotte Medway (6), Maeve Hoffstot (5), Rachel Milam (4), Emma Orcutt (3), Maria Splaine (2), Jill Scyocurka (bow)

Radcliffe – 7:42.4
Michigan State – 7:57.0
Boston College – 8:11.6

Radcliffe – 7:04.3
Michigan State – 7:13.0
Boston College – 7:27.2
Boston College 4V – 7:31.7

Michigan State – 7:30.9
Radcliffe – 7:33.6
Boston College – 8:00.0

Radcliffe – 6:44.6
Michigan State – 6:52.6
Boston College – 7:04.8

Michigan State – 6:34.2
Radcliffe – 6:39.1
Boston College – 6:53.3