No. 15 Radcliffe Heavyweights Take Second at O’Leary Cup

No. 15 Radcliffe Heavyweights Take Second at O’Leary Cup

No. 15 Radcliffe will host races April 22 and April 23 (Zack Williamson).

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – On a clear day with great racing conditions, the No. 15 Radcliffe heavyweight crew won the B4+ and C4+ races and took second in the other four events against No. 17 Syracuse and Dartmouth at the O'Leary Cup.

With a 4-8 mph cross head win that increased as the morning went on and a slight head current, Syracuse opened the day with a victory in the second varsity eight, taking the race in 6:29.6, followed by Radcliffe (6:32.2) and Dartmouth (6:55.8).

The Orange also held on for a victory on the first varsity eight event, defeating the Black and White by five seconds (6:23.9 to 6:28.9). The Big Green claimed third with a time of 6:41.7.

Radcliffe took second in the varsity four race, narrowly falling to Syracuse, 7:34.5 to 7:32.7. The Big Green again placed third in 7:46.2.

Syracuse claimed a win in the third varsity eight, finishing in 6:56.9, while Radcliffe was second in 7:01.8, and Dartmouth rounded out the batch (7:49.9).

The Black and White won the last two races, taking the B4+ in 7:41.7 ahead of Syracuse (7:46.5) and Dartmouth (8:03.8), Radcliffe also took the C4+, topping Dartmouth, 8:04.0 to 8:13.6.

Up next, Radcliffe host No. 8 Yale and No. 13 Southern California on Saturday, April 22. The following day, the Black and White will face No. 16 Michigan State and Boston College on the Charles River. All of those events will be streamed live on the Ivy League Digital Network. 

Varsity Eight: Katherine Paglione (coxswain), Georgia Wheeler (stroke), Rafaela Stalph (7), Hannah Osborn (6), Sofia Donnecke (5), Heidi Nocka (4), Corinne Bozzini (3), Desi Goodwin (2), Tori Basedow (bow) 

Second Varsity Eight: Helen Eisenach (coxswain), Grace Eysenbach (stroke), Zabie Elmgren (7), Steph Eble (6), Kelsey Barolak (5), Teresa Rokos (4), Erica Holmes (3), Bella Benduski (2), Sophia Young (bow)

Varsity Four A: Katie Felsheim (coxswain), Abba Parker (stroke), Elizabeth Roe (3), Hailey Novis (2), Mirabel Levine (bow) 

Varsity Four B: Jenny Li (coxswain), Catherine Joyce (stroke), Katherine Playfair (3), Sarah Tisdall (2), Kathleen Malloch (bow)

Third Varsity Eight: Catherine O'Donnell (coxswain), Elizabeth Ashford (stroke), Liz Kemp (7), Charlotte Medway (6), Emma Orcutt (5), Rachel Milam (4), Maeve Hoffstot (3), Maria Splaine (2), Jill Scyocurka (bow)

Varsity Four C: Lisa Chille (coxswain), Jeanne Olivier (stroke), Bella Gomez (3), Mackenzi Curtin (2), Molly Moore (bow)

Syracuse – 6:23.9
Radcliffe – 6:28.9
Dartmouth – 6:41.7 

Syracuse – 6:29.6
Radcliffe – 6:32.2
Dartmouth – 6:55.8

Syracuse – 7:32.7
Radcliffe – 7:34.5
Dartmouth – 7:46.2

Syracuse – 6:56.9
Radcliffe – 7:01.8
Dartmouth – 7:49.9

Radcliffe – 7:41.7
Syracuse – 7:46.5
Dartmouth – 8:03.8

Radcliffe – 8:04.0
Dartmouth – 8:13.6