No. 14 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Tops Cornell, Falls to No. 8 Princeton in Class of 1975 Cup

No. 14 Radcliffe will hit the water against No. 17 Syracuse and Dartmouth in Saratoga Springs, New York next week (Zack Williamson).

The 14th-ranked Radcliffe heavyweight crew picked up its first dual victory of the year, as the Black and White defeated Cornell, but dropped its varsity eight race to No. 8 Princeton in the Class of 1975 Cup on the Charles River Saturday morning. 

On a gusty day with the head wind averaging 15-18 miles per hour and up to 20 MPH, Princeton took first in the varsity eight event, coming in with a time of 7:35.2, followed by Radcliffe (7:56.9) and Cornell (8:16.8).

"We had classic Charles River conditions today - a strong and challenging headwind and rough conditions on the race course all morning," said head coach Liz O'Leary. "We were able to run the 1V and 2V over the full course, but had to shorten the other events to a floating start at the 1500m mark, hence those races are, technically, scrimmages. Princeton responded well to the conditions and came out on top today, as they have for most of their early spring races.  We are proud to be part of this highly competitive Ivy League, one of the top conferences in women's rowing, and will look to continue to build speed over the next month."

In the first event of the morning, the Tigers V4C boat defeated the Radcliffe C and D boats with a mark of 9:42.8. The Black and White C boat crossed the line in 10:04.5, while the D crew finished the course in 11:38.2.

Radcliffe earned a second-place finish in the second varsity eight, finishing more than seven seconds ahead of Cornell (8:03.2 to 8:10.9). The Tigers won that race in 7:46.2.

In the 1500m scrimmages, Radcliffe claimed first in the 4VB, followed by Cornell and Princeton. Cornell finished first in the 4VA, while Radcliffe was second and Princeton took third. In the 3V8, the final race of the day, Radcliffe was third, trailing Princeton and Cornell.

Up next, Radcliffe will race No. 17 Syracuse and Dartmouth in Saratoga Springs, New York Saturday, April 15. 

Varsity Eight: Katherine Paglione (coxswain), Rafaela Stalph (stroke), Georgia Wheeler (7), Hannah Osborn (6), Sofia Donnecke (5), Heidi Nocka (4), Corinne Bozzini (3), Desi Goodwin (2), Tori Basedow (bow) 

Second Varsity Eight: Helen Eisenach (coxswain), Grace Eysenbach (stroke), Zabie Elmgren (7), Teresa Rokos (6), Kelsey Barolak (5), Bella Benduski (4), Erica Holmes (3), Abba Parker (2), Sophia Young (bow)

Varsity Four A: Katie Felsheim (coxswain), Elizabeth Roe (stroke), Steph Eble (3), Hailey Novis (2), Mirabel Levine (bow) 

Varsity Four B: Jenny Li (coxswain), Maeve Hoffstot (stroke), Catherine Joyce (3), Sarah Tisdall (2), Kathleen Malloch (bow)

Third Varsity Eight: Catherine O'Donnell (coxswain), Elizabeth Ashford (stroke), Liz Kemp (7), Charlotte Medway (6), Bella Gomez (5), Rachel Milam (4), Emma Orcutt (3), Maria Splaine (2), Jill Scyocurka (bow)

Varsity Four C: Lisa Chille (coxswain), Jeanne Olivier (stroke), Molly Moore (3), Mackenzi Curtin (2), Cameron Decker (bow)

Varsity Four D: Juliet Pesner (coxswain), Eloise Ackman (stroke), Olenka Jain (3), Erin Ozturk 2), Varsha Varman (bow)

Princeton – 7:35.2
Radcliffe – 7:56.9
Cornell – 8:16.8

Princeton – 7:46.2
Radcliffe – 8:03.2
Cornell – 8:10.9

Princeton – 9:42.8
Radcliffe C – 10:04.5
Radcliffe D --- 11:38.2

4VA (scrimmage, order of finish)

4VB (scrimmage, order of finish)

3V8 (scrimmage, order of finish)