No. 11 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Takes Third Varsity Eight Race at No. 9 Brown

No. 11 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Takes Third Varsity Eight Race at No. 9 Brown

No. 11 Radcliffe will host No. 8 Princeton and Cornell April 8 (Zack Williamson).

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The No. 11 Radcliffe heavyweight crew raced its third-straight top-10 opponent, as the Black and White earned a victory in its third varsity eight race at No. 9 Brown Sunday.

"It was good, hard racing," said Radcliffe assisant coach Kelly Evans. "It's always special to race our competitors in the Ivy League, and Brown is certainly a fast team. We matched up reasonably well, and we're looking forward to finding some more speed this week before Princeton and Cornell."

On a sunny afternoon with a quartering tailwind on the Seekonk River, the third varsity eight boats hit the water first. Against an incoming tide, Radcliffe emerged with a victory against the Bears. The Black and White finished the race in 6:34.8, followed by Brown (6:39.4) and Radcliffe's third varsity eight B (7:29.5).

Facing a slack tide, Radcliffe hung with Brown in the first varsity eight event, narrowly falling by a margin of 6:14.3 to 6:06.7. The second varsity eight race was even closer with the Bears claiming victory in 6:17.2 compared to 6:20.5 for Radcliffe, as the squads faced an outgoing tide.

In the first varsity four, Brown claimed victory, finishing in 7:04.3, while the Black and White crossed the line in 7:19.4. In the final event of the day, Radcliffe fell just off the pace of the Bears in the varsity four B event, as Brown won by a margin of 7:19.2 to 7:22.0. Brown's varsity four C boat came in third at 7:34.5.

Up next, Radcliffe will host No. 8 Princeton and Cornell on Saturday, April 8. The races will be shown live on the Ivy League Digital Network.  

Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Katherine Paglione; Stroke: Hannah Osborn; 7: Georgia Wheeler; 6: Desi Goodwin; 5: Sofia Donnecke; 4: Teresa Rokos; 3: Corinne Bozzini; 2: Rafaela Stalph; Bow: Tori Basedow

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Katie Felsheim; Stroke: Bella Benduski; 7: Erica Holmes; 6: Grace Eysenbach; 5: Kelsey Barolak; 4: Heidi Nocka; 3: Sophia Young; 2: Abba Parker; Bow: Zabie Elmgren

Varsity Four A: Coxswain: Helen Eisenach; Stroke: Stephanie Eble; 3: Kathleen Malloch; 2: Sarah Tisdall; Bow: Mirabel Levine

Varsity Four B: Coxswain: Jenny Li; Stroke: Maeve Hoffstot; 3: Charlotte Medway; 2: Haley Novis; Bow: Elizabeth Roe

Third Varsity Eight+A: Coxswain: Catherine O'Donnell; Stroke: Elizabeth Ashford; 7: Liz Kemp; 6: Catherine Joyce; 5: Georgia Seidel; 4: Rachel Milam; 3: Emma Orcutt; 2: Maria Splaine; Bow: Jill Scyocurka

Third Varsity Eight+B: Coxswain: Claire Burch; Stroke: Jeanne Olivier; 7: Molly Moore; 6: Eloise Ackman; 5: Bella Gomez; 4: Erin Ozturk; 3: Varsha Varman; 2: Cameron Decker; Bow: Mackenzi Curtin

Radcliffe – 6:34.8
Brown – 6:39.4
Radcliffe 3V8B – 7:29.5

Brown – 6:06.7
Radcliffe – 6:14.3

Radcliffe – 6:20.5

Brown – 7:04.3
Radcliffe – 7:19.4

Brown – 7:19.2
Radcliffe – 7:22.0
Brown V4C – 7:34.5