No. 18 Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Captures Eighth Beanpot

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. –No. 18 Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew brought the Beanpot trophy back to Weld Saturday morning, besting Northeastern by nearly four seconds in the varsity eight and winning four of the five events on the Charles River.

The Black and White's top boat got off to a strong start on the flat water, pushing ahead of BC and BU and going stroke-for-stroke with Northeastern over the first 500 meters. Radcliffe started to distance itself over the final 1000, inching two seats ahead by the bridge. The quartering tailwind made for fast speeds, as Radcliffe clocked a time of 6:42.6, and Northeastern finished in 6:46.5.

The second varsity took no time distancing itself from the pack, as Radcliffe posted a great start off the line. Northeastern attempted to keep up with the Black and White, but fell behind the pace over the first 500 meters. The 2V cruised to a nine second win over Northeastern and bested by BC by 20 seconds.

The varsity four led wire-to-wire, beating out BC by over 14 seconds. The third varsity also posted a win over the field, stopping the clock in 7:21.2. The Black and White were ahead of a close finish for third, as BC nipped Northeaster by 0.5 of a second and was 5.5 seconds behind Radcliffe. 

Radcliffe will be back on the Charles River next weekend to host Dartmouth and Brown. Racing will start at 8:24 a.m. on the Ivy League Digital Network.

Varsity Eight: Katie Felsheim (coxswain), Sofia Donnecke (stroke), Freddie Archibald (7), Katherine Playfair (6), Laura Bleeke (5), Abba Parker (4), Mary Carmack (3), Lauren Tracey (2), Zabie Elmgren (bow)
Harvard-Radcliffe     6:42.6
NU       6:46.5
BC       6:58.6
BU       7:00.0
MIT     7:17.1

Second Varsity: Helen Eisenach (coxswain), Raf Stalph (stroke), Erica Holmes (7), Bella Benduski (6), Kelsey Barolak (5), Teresa Rokos (4), Maeve Hoffstot (3), Heidi Nocka (2), Erin Slatery (bow)
Harvard-Radcliffe     6:51.6
NU       7:00.9
BC       7:11.3
BU       7:16.7
MIT     7:28.3

Varsity Four: Anna Jaysing (coxswain), Hailey Novis (4), Sophia Young (3), Hannah Osborn (2), Corinne Bozzini (1)
Harvard-Radcliffe     7:27.8
BC       7:42.0
NU       7:47.5
BU       7:55.9
MIT     8:25.3

Third Varsity Eight: Jenny Li (coxswain), Tori Basedow (stroke), Emily Johansen (7), Emma Nealis (6), Kathleen Malloch (5), Emma Orcutt (4), Alyssa Seigmann (3), Jeanne Olivier (2), Maria Splaine (bow)
Harvard-Radcliffe     7:21.2
BC       7:26.7
NU       7:27.2
BU       7:54.9

Fourth Varsity Eight: Maria Stoica (coxswain), Emily Gaudiani (stroke), Danielle Feffer (7), Rachel Milam (6), Jill Scyocurka (5), Elizabeth Ashford (4), Molly Moore (3), Alison Steinbach (2), Grace Wagner (bow)
BC       7:33.8
Harvard-Radcliffe     7:43.2