SWEEP! Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Wins Eastern Sprints

Photo courtesy of Radcliffe Crew
Photo courtesy of Radcliffe Crew

CAMDEN, N.J. – No. 14 Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew won the Eastern Sprints title Sunday afternoon on the Cooper River. It marked the first time since 2003 that the Black and White won the event, sweeping all six grand finals.

"It was a great weekend for us as a team," said head coach Liz O'Leary. "One of the things that we have emphasized all year is the success of our whole team and today was clearly a day that our whole team stepped up and had some great races. That meant a lot to me, to see our whole team succeed. That is an important piece of the program." 

In the varsity eight race, Radcliffe posted an open water win over Columbia and Dartmouth, who finished within a second of each other for second and third, respectively. The Black and White clocked a time of 6:20.75.

The JV boat also won by open water, crossing the finish line in 6:32.416. Northeastern was second in 6:43.896, followed by Dartmouth and Columbia.

Each varsity four crew bested the field, as the A boat won the closest race of the day. Finishing in 7:21.198, the varsity four A upended Columbia, who crossed in 7:22.781. Radcliffe B clocked a time of 7:33.305, in front of Dartmouth (7:41.465) and Navy (7:42.340).

"It was also great to see our boats race fast in the morning to set themselves up well in the finals," continued O'Leary. "Being in the center of the course so that we could test our early speed in the race against the fastest teams was crucial. It was also great for Dartmouth and Columbia to be second and third, as it shows our conference is among the fastest in the country.

"After having such a late start to our season, this late addition to the schedule was really good for our team because it gives us the chance to build momentum heading into the Ivy League Championships." 

The third varsity was 11 seconds ahead of the Big Green and 14 seconds in front of BC.

The Black and White will be back in New Jersey May 17 for the Ivy League Championships.  

Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Jenny Wong; Stroke: Lizzy Fitzhenry; 7: Freddie Archibald; 6: Katherine Playfair; 5: Sofia Donnecke; 4: Lauren Tracey; 3: Mary Carmack; 2: Abba Parker; Bow: Erin Slatery
1. Radcliffe: 6:20.75
2. Columbia: 6:31.514
3. Dartmouth: 6:31.988
4. Northeastern: 6:39.6
5. BC: 6:40.437
6. Navy: 6:45.657

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Katie Felsheim; Stroke: Gen Mulligan; 7: Emily Gaudiani; 6: Kelly Whelan; 5: Emi Nietfeld; 4: Kelsey Barolak; 3: Sofia Jonas; 2: Lize Flint; Bow: Zabie Elmgren
1. Radcliffe: 6:32.416
2. Northeastern: 6:43.896
3. Dartmouth: 6:45.839
4. Columbia: 6:49.490
5. Navy: 6:54.716
6. BC: 6:58.579

Varsity Four A
Coxswain: Victoria Lellis; Stroke: Bella Benduski; 3: Molly Jennerman; 2: Maeve Hoffstot; Bow: Laura Bleeke
1. Radcliffe: 7:21.198
2. Columbia: 7:22.781
3. Navy: 7:31.481
4. Northeastern: 7:40.648
5. BC: 7:44.186
6. BU: 7:50.006

Varsity Four B
Coxswain: McKenna Kardish; Stroke: Ellie Parker; 3: Kathleen Malloch; 2: Heidi Nocka; Bow: Mimi Tanski
1. Radcliffe: 7:33.305
2. Dartmouth: 7:41.465
3. Navy: 7:42.340
4. Columbia:7:49.063
5. BU: 7:51.940
6. BC: 8:01.460

Varsity Four C
Coxswain: Helen Eisenach; Stroke: Alyssa Seigman; 3: Emma Nealis; 2: Rachel Milam; Bow: Bella Gomez
1. Radcliffe: 7:57.882
2. BU: 8:38.580

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Neha Reddy; Stroke: Tori Basedow; 7: Hannah Osborn; 6: Maddy Berg; 5: Cecilia Laguarda; 4: Simi Tani-Olugbemi; 3: Lucy Rogers; 2: Adrianne Kehne; Bow: Danielle Feffer
1. Radcliffe: 6:50.862
2. Dartmouth: 7:01.482
3. BC: 7:04.122
4. Northeastern: 7:05.779
5. BC (B): 7:13.405
6. Navy: 7:45.310