Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Retains Allen-DeWolfe, Rowlands Trophies

Photo courtesy of Harvard Athletics
Photo courtesy of Harvard Athletics

Radcliffe swept the day to earn the Allen-DeWolfe and Rowlands trophies. From left-right: Lizzy Fitzhenry, Deva Steketee, Jenna Gregoire, Freddie Archibald, Lauren Tracey, Mary Carmack, Sofia Jonas, Lize Flint, and Greer Rosenbaum.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew earned its 14th Allen-DeWolfe Trophy and 15th Rowlands Trophy with wins over Boston University and Northeastern, respectively, Sunday morning.

Radcliffe swept the five-race event, winning all by open water in the final home regatta of the season.

The varsity eight posted a time of 6:50.6 in good conditions with a cross/cross headwind with variable 5-7 mph winds. The Black and White earned its third-straight win in the series with the Huskies, as NU posted a time of 7:01.6. BU clocked a time of 7:09.3, as Radcliffe earned its seventh-straight win over the Terriers.  

The Black and White won the 2V race by open water, tallying a time of 6:56.0. Northeastern crossed in 7:07.6, well before BU with a time of 7:23.7.

The Radcliffe fours also took home wins, as the first four clocked a time of 7:38.0 to down NU by nine seconds (7:47.0) and BU by 27 ticks (8:05.1). The second 4+ crossed in 7:42.8 to best the Terriers (8:08.6).

The Black and White third varsity completed the sweep with the closest race of the day, registering a 7:13.1 finish. Northeastern finished in 7:17.2 to take second. Radcliffe's 4V boat finished third (7:32.0) and BU crossed in 7:52.5.   

Radcliffe hits the road for the Clemson Invitational in South Carolina next weekend.


First Varsity
Coxswain: Greer Rosenbaum; Stroke: Lize Flint; 7: Lizzy Fitzhenry; 6: Kelsey Barolak; 5: Freddie Archibald; 4: Lauren Tracey; 3: Mary Carmack; 2: Deva Steketee; 1: Sofia Jonas

Second Varsity:
Coxswain: Jenny Wong; Stroke: Bella Benduski; 7: Kelly Bauer; 6: Katie Wilcox; 5: Erin Slatery; 4: Kelly Whelan; 3: Laura Bleeke; 2: Jenna Gregoire; 1: Mimi Tanski

Varsity 4A:
Coxswain: McKenna Kardish; 4: Abba Parker; 3: Emi Nietfeld; 2: Gen Mulligan; 1: Lena Afeyan

Varsity 4B:
Coxswain: Valeriya Tsitron; 4: Maeve Hoffstot; 3: Emily Gaudiani; 2: Ellie Parker; 1: Maura Church

Third Varsity:
Coxswain: Victoria Lellis; Stroke: Rose Traubert; 7: Susannah Maybank; 6: Tori Basedow; 5: Emily Johansen; 4: Caitlin Fai; 3: Maddy Berg; 2: Danielle Feffer; 1: Corinne Bozzini

Fourth Varsity:
Coxswain: Kavya Pathak; Stroke: Cecilia Laguarda; 7: Sidney Hilker; 6: Ali Forelli; 5: Simi Tani-Olugbemi; 4: Nina Kosaric; 3: Rachel Milam; 2: Bella Gomez; 1: Molly Moore

Varsity 8:
Harvard-Radcliffe - 6:50.6
Northeastern - 7:01.6
Boston University - 7:09.3

2nd Varsity 8:
Harvard-Radcliffe - 6:56.0
Northeastern - 7:07.6
Boston University - 7:23.7

Varsity Four:
Harvard-Radcliffe - 7:38.0
Northeastern - 7:47.0
Boston University - 8:05.1

Varsity Four B:
Harvard-Radcliffe - 7:42.8
Boston University - 8:08.6

3rd Varsity Eight:
Harvard-Radcliffe - 7:13.1
Northeastern - 7:17.2
Harvard-Radcliffe 4V - 7:32.0
Boston University - 7:52.5