Radcliffe Novice 8+ Wins Foot of the Charles

Photo courtesy of Harvard Athletics
Photo courtesy of Harvard Athletics

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The Harvard-Radcliffe novice 8+ won the Foot of the Charles Regatta Saturday, while Radcliffe's varsity 4+ "A" finished second in the varsity 4+ event.

The novice 8+, comprised of coxswain Valeriya Tsitron, stroke Bella Benduski, 7 Tori Basedow, 6 Abba Parker, 5 Lena Afeyan, 4 Maeve Hoffstot, 3 Simi Tani-Olugbemi, 2 Kelsey Barolak and bow seat Emily Gaudiani, came across the line in the fastest time of the day, 13:04.9. The Black and White finished 11 seconds ahead of second place Boston College. 

"Our recruited freshmen have had a really solid fall of training, and we were excited to put them together to race this last race of the fall season," assistant coach Cory Bosworth said. "From the beginning of the year they have worked really well as a unit - and they just push hard every day. We are excited to see what they can do this winter and spring as we integrate them back into the varsity squad, and of course over the next four years. 

"The Foot of the Charles was a regatta started as a debut race for novice rowers, and we continue to honor that tradition," Bosworth continued. "We had a full boat of heavyweight novices and a boat of lightweight novice walk-ons in this race today, too. We are really proud of those novice rowers new to the sport this fall who had their first chance to don the Black and White for this race!" 

The varsity 4+ "A" finished a close second behind Syracuse with a time of 13:44.7. The crew, comprised of coxswain Victoria Lellis, stroke Lize Flint, 3 Mary Carmack, 2 Deva Steketee and bow seat Freddie Archibald had a solid race, only 6.1 seconds behind the winning Orange crew.

The Radcliffe lightweight varsity 4+ "A" also had an impressive finish in a mostly heavyweight field, garnering the fourth fastest overall time and was the fastest lightweight crew of the day. The crew was coxed by Erin Driscoll, with stroke Elizabeth Lenczowski, 3 Addie Backer, 2 Claire Harmange and bow seat Katherine Mallett.

The Radcliffe lighweight varsity 4+ "B" crew finished a tight ninth with coxswain Gaby Giulgliano, stroke Naomi Lang, 3 Gabby McNeill, 2 Liza MacEachern, and bow Olivia Henry. This gave Harvard-Radcliffe a combined four boats finishing within the top 10 of the regatta.

"The race conditions today were pretty optimal," Bosworth said, "It was sunny, warm, and the water was glassy. It was a great regatta, as usual - with every school on the river chipping in to make it happen." 

Overall, the Radcliffe heavyweights raced four varsity 4+ boats, placing second, eighth, 11th, and 12th out of the 35-boat-field. The Black and White also sent out two novice 8+ crews, placing first and ninth overall, and one varsity 8+ which finished fourth.

The Radcliffe lightweights raced four Varsity 4+ teams, placing fourth, ninth, 27th, and 33rd overall, and one Novice 8+ that finished 10th. 

With twelve boats total, the Harvard-Radcliffe contingent was the biggest on the water.  For complete results, please click here.  

Heavyweight lineups: 

Novice 8+ A: coxswain Valeriya Tsitron, 8 Bella Benduski, 7 Tori Basedow, 6 Abba Parker, 5 Lena Afeyan, 4 Maeve Hoffstot, 3 Simi Tani-Olugbemi, 2 Kelsey Barolak, 1 Emily Gaudiani

Novice 8+ B: coxswain Kavya Pathak, 8 Danielle Feffer, 7 Emi Nietfeld, 6 Meg Knister, 5 Rachel Milam, 4 Kara Birkenmayer, 3 Denise Acosta, 2 Bella Gomez, 1 Molly Moore

Varsity 4+ A: coxswain Victoria Lellis, 4 Lize Flint, 3 Mary Carmack, 2 Deva Steketee, 1 Freddie Archibald

Varsity 4+ B: coxswain Jenny Wong, 4 Katie Wilcox, 3 Lizzy Fitzhenry, 2 Jenna Gregoire, 1 Mimi Tanski

Varsity 4+ C: coxswain McKenna Kardish, 4 Kelly Whelan, 3 Kelly Bauer, 2 Lauren Tracey, 1 Erin Slatery

Varsity 4+ D: coxswain Diana Chen, 4 Nina Kosaric, 3 Sofia Jonas, 2 Ellie Parker, 1 Maura Church

Varsity 8+: coxswain Victoria Lellis, 8 Gen Mulligan, 7 Maddy Berg, 6 Rose Traubert, 5 Laura Bleeke, 4 Cecilia Laguarda, 3 Sidney Hilker, 2 Ali Forelli, 1 Caitlin Fai