Harvard-Radcliffe Varsity Finishes Eighth at NCAA Championships, Team Places 11th

Harvard-Radcliffe Varsity Finishes Eighth at NCAA Championships, Team Places 11th

The Black and White tied for 11th place while the varsity eight finished eighth at the 2013 NCAA Championships (OAC).

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Harvard-Radcliffe's heavyweight crew's top two boats, the varsity eight and second varsity eight, completed the NCAA Rowing Championships in their respective petite finals Sunday morning. The varsity eight finished second, for eighth overall, and the second varsity crossed the finish line in fourth to help the Black and White come in tied for 11th place in team points with 79.

"When you get to the final day of the NCAA Championships you find extraordinary races happening out there on the water. You have to be able to race a full 2K at your very best," commented Liz O'Leary, head coach of Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew. "I thought all three of our boats raced really strong races today. The disapointment of yesterday, not qualifying for the A finals, was put aside and they came out here and raced really aggressivley. And that's not always easy to do."

The Black and White varsity four also rowed two races Sunday and went for third in the 'C' final.

Radcliffe's first varsity finished behind UCLA in the petite final for second place.
UCLA got off to a fast start and after 500 meters it was UCLA, Michigan and Radcliffe. The Black and White moved into second before the 1,000-meter point and gained a few seats over Michigan while staying with the Bruins. Radcliffe nearly surpassed UCLA in the final sprint, but the Bruins crossed the line just ahead of the Black and White for the win.

With six boats competing in the grand final, Radcliffe's second place in the petite final is equivalent to eighth in the nation. Eighth was an improvement of one spot from last year's ninth-place showing.

Cal won the varsity eights grand final with a time of 6:21.426. Ohio State took the team title, 47 points ahead of Radcliffe.

The second varsity petite final started tight with the entire six-boat pack remaining within two lengths throughout the race. After the first 500 meters, Radcliffe was in fourth with Virginia beginning to edge ahead. The pack remained close through the midway point as the Black and White made a move to overtake second place behind UVA. It was a sprint to the finish and Radcliffe was edged to take fourth behind Virginia, Stanford and UCLA.

After finishing third in an early Sunday semifinal, which was postponed from Saturday due to weather, the varsity four sprinted its final 500 meters to overcome Gonzaga for a third-place showing in the 'C' final. Radcliffe opened the race behind UCLA and Cornell fighting for third place. The pack remained tight through 1,000 meters with Wisconsin moving into second place. After the midway point, UCLA began to build on its lead with Gonzaga storming from the back of the pack to take third place in front of the Black and White. Radcliffe began its sprint earlier than the Bulldogs in the final 500 meters, which allowed the Black and White to overcome Gonzaga in the final 100 meters for third.

Varsity Eight – Petite Final
UCLA – 6:26.618
Harvard – 6:27.627
Michigan – 6:30.529
Stanford – 6:30.776
Yale – 6:31.992
Brown – 6:32.589

Second Varsity Eight – Petite Final
Virginia – 6:32.130
Stanford – 6:33.563
Washington – 6:33.585
Harvard – 6:33.638
UCLA – 6:36.777
Notre Dame – 6:38.007

Varsity Four – C Final
UCLA – 7:22.940
Wisconsin – 7:27.706
Harvard – 7:29.661
Gonzaga – 7:30.280
Cornell – 7:34.499
Oklahoma – 7:39.220

Varsity Four – C/D Semifinals
UCLA – 7:35.478
Cornell – 7:46.355
Harvard – 7:49.185
Boston University – 7:59.103
Rhode Island – 8:01.655

First Varsity
8: Michelle Pearson; 7: Elizabeth Fitzhenry; 6: Laura Savarese; 5: Jenna Gregoire; 4:Frederika Archibald; 3: Deva Steketee; 2: Courtney Diekema; 1: Mary Maginnis; Coxswain: Jenny Wong

Second Varsity
8: Eliza Flint; 7: Scout Moran; 6: Rosemary Grinalds; 5: Lucy Grinalds; 4: Mimi Tanski; 3: Mary Carmack; 2: Katie Wilcox; 1: Jessica Mealia; Coxswain: Greer Rosenbaum 

Varsity Four
4: Kelly Bauer; 3: Maura Church; 2: Kelly Whelan; 1: Taylor Compton; Coxswain: Jorie Sullivan