Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Competes at Ivy Championship, Finishes Second in Team Points

Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Competes at Ivy Championship, Finishes Second in Team Points

Radcliffe's first varsity fights for position in front of a large crowd at the 2013 Ivy League Women's Rowing Championship (photo Sideline Photos/The Ivy League).

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. – The Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew finished in second place overall at the 2013 Ivy League Women's Rowing Championship Sunday at Cooper River Park. The Black and White showed the depth of the team by qualifying for each grand final event and finishing in the top three in five of six finals.

Radcliffe earned two second-place finishes, three thirds and one fourth during the day which featured near perfect conditions. Princeton won the team points title with 81, seven more than Radcliffe. 

In the marquee event, the Black and White's first varsity, ranked No. 8 in the country, came in third. No. 5 Princeton and No. 9 Yale were first and second, respectively, and held the top two spots from start to finish. The Tigers and Bulldogs were within 1.54 seconds of each other after 500 meters with Princeton leading and Radcliffe 4.12 seconds off the pace. Princeton advanced its lead to nearly five seconds by the midway point, as Radcliffe and Yale continued to fight for second and gain distance on the following crews. The Black and White tried to make a push in the second half of the race, but the Bulldogs held off Radcliffe for second, finishing 4.25 seconds ahead. Princeton was 6.90 seconds in front of Yale with a winning time of 6:29.96.

Radcliffe's second varsity faced a similar fate, as the boat tried to come from behind to top Brown in the grand final. The Bears grabbed an early lead and held on, despite the Black and White staying within one second for nearly the entirety of the race. Radcliffe opened 0.49 seconds off of Brown's pace by the 500-meter line, but registered the top split in the second 500 meters to pull within 0.28 seconds. The Bears were unfazed and gained seats in each of the next 500 meter splits to cross the finish line with a 2.14 second advantage.

The Black and White's other second-place effort came in the varsity four 'B' race, where Brown and Radcliffe dominated the field. As the crews crossed the 1,000-meter line, Radcliffe was up 1.19 seconds on Brown with the top two boats being over five second in front of the remaining four Ivy competitors. The Bears responded by pulling ahead in the third 500 meters, when Brown's split was almost four seconds quicker than Radcliffe's, and gaining open water by the finish line. Brown and Radcliffe were each multiple lengths ahead of the other boats, which were at least 12.28 seconds behind.

In other grand finals, Radcliffe was third among varsity four 'C' and third varsity crews and fourth in the varsity four 'A' race.

Radcliffe will find out its NCAA destiny May 21 at 5 p.m. during a selection show on The NCAA Championships will be hosted in Indianapolis, Ind. May 31-June 2. Princeton received the Ivy's automatic bid to the event by winning the first varsity race.

Results (Complete)
Team Points
Princeton - 81
Radcliffe - 74
Brown - 68
Cornell - 55
Yale - 54
Columbia - 41
Penn - 25
Dartmouth - 22

First Varsity Eight Grand Final
Princeton – 6:29.961
Yale – 6:36.859
Harvard-Radcliffe – 6:41.108
Cornell – 6:46.465
Columbia – 6:46.801
Brown – 6:50.926

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final
Brown – 6:41.366
Harvard-Radcliffe – 6:43.507
Princeton – 6:47.010
Cornell – 6:54.868
Columbia – 6:56.113
Dartmouth – 7:04.106

Third Varsity Eight Grand Final
Princeton – 7:09.964
Penn – 7:22.321
Harvard-Radcliffe – 7:26.566
Cornell – 7:34.754
Yale – 7:41.409

Varsity Four 'A' Grand Final
Brown – 7:39.511
Yale – 7:43.215
Princeton – 7:48.427
Harvard-Radcliffe – 7:54.199
Columbia – 7:55.512
Penn – 8:12.631

Varsity Four 'B' Grand Final
Brown – 7:52.390
Harvard-Radcliffe – 7:58.694
Princeton – 8:10.965
Columbia – 8:20.728
Cornell – 8:24.065
Dartmouth – 8:30.260

Varsity Four 'C' Grand Final
Brown – 8:03.11
Cornell – 8:22.465
Harvard-Radcliffe – 8:24.574
Princeton – 8:46.156
Penn – 9:03.822

First Varsity
Michelle Pearson; 7: Elizabeth Fitzhenry; 6: Laura Savarese; 5: Jenna Gregoire; 4:Frederika Archibald; 3: Deva Steketee; 2: Courtney Diekema; 1: Mary Maginnis; Coxswain: Jenny Wong

Second Varsity
8: Eliza Flint; 7: Scout Moran; 6: Rosemary Grinalds; 5: Lucy Grinalds; 4: Mimi Tanski; 3: Mary Carmack; 2: Katie Wilcox; 1: Jessica Mealia; Coxswain: Greer Rosenbaum 

Varsity Four 'A'
4: Kelly Bauer; 3: Susannah Maybank; 2: Kelly Whelan; 1: Taylor Compton; Coxswain: Jorie Sullivan

Varsity Four 'B'
4: Lauren Tracey; 3: Maura Church; 2: Laura Bleeke; 1: Nina Kosaric; Coxswain: Victoria Lellis 

Third Varsity Eight
8: Genevieve Mulligan; 7: Sofia Jonas; 6: Morgan Keefe; 5: Caitlin Fai; 4: Maddy Berg; 3: Sidney Hilker; 2: Shauna Stewart; 1: Erin Slatery; Coxswain: Diana Chen

Varsity Four 'C'
4: Ellie Parker; 3: Jenna Anglin; 2: Ali Forelli; 1: Rose Traubert; Coxswain: McKenna Kardish