Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Sweeps Syracuse, Dartmouth; Varsity Eight Keeps O'Leary Cup

The first varsity with the O'Leary Cup (photo courtesy of Syracuse)
The first varsity with the O'Leary Cup (photo courtesy of Syracuse)

Harvard's first varsity won by 7.4 seconds Sunday morning (photo courtesy of Syracuse).

The Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew won all five races against Syracuse and Dartmouth on Onondaga Lake Sunday morning. The racing, which was postponed from Saturday due to the lockdown of Boston, included a Black and White win in the first varsity race to retain the O'Leary Cup.

The first varsity's O'Leary Cup, named in honor of Radcliffe head coach Liz O'Leary, will stay with the Black and White for the second straight year and ninth time overall in 14 contests.

"The most important part of this day was that it had a positive conclusion to a week that has been sad and unnerving given everything that has transpired," said O'Leary. "We were fortunate enough to come away with wins in each of the hard fought races. I'm proud of how our team came through."

Radcliffe's five wins came on the Onondaga Lake course, which featured sunny skies, temperatures in the 40s and a moderate head wind with good water.

The Black and White's third varsity set the tone for the event with a 13.4-second win in the opening race of the morning. Radcliffe finished at 7:11.7, ahead of Syracuse's third varsity at 7:25.1 and Radcliffe's fourth varsity at 7:29.1.

Radcliffe's varsity fours followed suit with convincing wins over Syracuse and Dartmouth. The 'B' boat won by 18.5 seconds with Syracuse in second and the 'A' group came in eight seconds faster of Syracuse, which was again the second finisher.

The varsity eight boats were next and Radcliffe kept the momentum going. As temperatures began to feel like spring again, the second varsity cruised to a win. Radcliffe opened a wide lead and topped the Orange by 9.8 seconds and the Big Green by 12.5 seconds with a finishing time of 6:51.6, the second quickest mark of the day.

Radcliffe's No. 8-ranked first varsity was the only boat to outpace the Black and White second varsity with its win in the race for the O'Leary Cup. The top boat was to the line in 6:47.9, well ahead of Syracuse's 6:55.3 and Dartmouth's 6:57.7.

The wins put Radcliffe's streak at four straight victories heading into a weekend full of rivalry matchups on the Charles River. The Black and White will face Yale April 27, with video of the races being streamed live for free on, before taking part in the Beanpot April 28.  

Third Varsity/Fourth Varsity
Radcliffe 3V 7:11.7
Syracuse 3V 7:25.1
Radcliffe 4V 7:29.1

Varsity Four 'B'
Radcliffe 7:42.8
Syracuse 8:01.3
Dartmouth 8:08.1

Varsity Four 'A'
Radcliffe 7:45.0
Syracuse 7:53.0
Dartmouth 7:59.0

Second Varsity
Radcliffe 6:51.6
Syracuse 7:01.4
Dartmouth 7:04.1

First Varsity
Radcliffe 6:47.9
Syracuse 6:55.3
Dartmouth 6:57.7

First Varsity
Coxswain: Greer Rosenbaum; 8: Michelle Pearson; 7: Elizabeth Fitzhenry; 6: Mimi Tanski; 5:Courtney Diekema; 4: Jenna Gregoire; 3:Frederika Archibald; 2: Mary Maginnis; 1: Jessica Mealia

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Jenny Wong; 8: Celia Kohl; 7: Lucy Grinalds; 6: Deva Steketee; 5: Laura Savarese; 4:Katie Wilcox; 3: Scout Moran; 2: Eliza Flint; 1: Taylor Compton

Varsity Four 'A'
Coxswain: Jorie Sullivan; 4: Rosemary Grinalds; 3: Susannah Maybank; 2: Kelly Whelan; 1: Maura Church

Varsity Four 'B'
Coxswain: Victoria Lellis; 4: Kelly Bauer; 3: Mary Carmack; 2: Lauren Tracey; 1: Marisa D'Orsogna

Third Varsity
Coxswain: McKenna Kardish; 8: Erin Slatery; 7: Morgan Keefe; 6: Laura Bleeke; 5: Nina Kosaric; 4: Sofia Jonas; 3: Eleanor Parker; 2: Maddy Berg; 1:Genevieve Mulligan

Fourth Varsity
Coxswain: Diana Chen; 8: Caitlin Fai; 7: Sidney Hilker; 6: Theresa Gebert; 5: Ali Forellia; 4: Jenna Anglin; 3: Sophia Becker; 2: Rose Traubert; 1: Shauna Stewart