Radcliffe Heavyweight Eight Notches Seventh in Star-Studded Head of the Charles Event

Radcliffe's varsity eight finished in third-place among college crews in the Head of the Charles championship eights race Sunday (photo Harvard Athletic Communications).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The Radcliffe heavyweight crew kept up with some of the world's best rowers in the championship eights race, one of the marquee events at this weekend's Head of the Charles Regatta. 

Radcliffe, rowing in bow No. 2, earned seventh place in the star-studded eights race. Among the boats was USRowing, which had a number of gold-medal winning Olympians from the 2012 London games. Two of those athletes, Caryn Davies '05 and Esther Lofgren '09, are former Radcliffe crew members. USRowing paced the three-mile course in 16:23.49 with Cambridge Boat Club just behind. Radcliffe completed the winding route in 17:06.15, good for third place among college crews. The Black and White rowed side-by-side with USRowing for much of the race, including a stretch past Weld Boathouse, as the Olympians attempted to pass. 

Also in the championship eights event was Jill Carlson '12, who coxed the London Rowing Club's "Great Eight." The boat featured a group of highly-touted international scullers. Carlson navigated the boat in a 16:41.24 clip for fourth place.

Radcliffe's second varsity completed the eights race in 17:40.10 for 20th.

Radcliffe also earned a top-ten finish in the championship fours race. The Black and White clocked in at 19:34.21 for a seventh-place showing.

Many Harvard and Radcliffe alumni and coaches came back to Cambridge to row in the Head of the Charles. For a complete list of Harvard-affiliated rowers, see below.

Results of boats featuring Harvard-affiliated rowers
Saturday, Oct. 20
Men's master eights [50+]
Warren Boat Club (several Harvard alumni), 27th – 18:02.21
Alte Achter Boat Club (several Harvard alumni), 38th – 19:13.38
Men's Senior Master fours [50+]
Warren Boat Club (several Harvard alumni), 27th – 20:47.11
Men's alumni eights
Hvl+, 12th – 15:56.12
Butte Boat Club, 24th – 16:32.95
Harvard Alumni 2009, 10th – 15:49.92
Men's club singles
James Cushing Bayley V '09, 3rd – 18:56.12
Alex Soutter '11, 4th – 18:52.20
Men's club fours
Harvard lightweight crew, 26th – 18:04.72
Men's club eights
Harvard heavyweight crew, 6th – 15:19.21
Harvard heavyweight crew, 10th – 15:35.94
Harvard lightweight crew, 12th – 15:47.49
Women's club eights
Community Rowing, Inc. (Sarah Maxwell '06, Emily Parfit '08), 11th – 18:00.68
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 10th – 17:54.58
Women's master fours [40+]
Radcliffe Alumnae Rowing Association, 11th – 21:12.94
Men's masters eights [40+]
Curvature of the Earth Rowing Club (several Harvard alumni), 18th – 17:46.79
Women's championship singles
Liv Coffey '11, 9th – 20:34.30
Men's championship singles
Nick Baker '07, 18th – 18:40.80
Senior-veteran I/II singles men
Townsend Swayze '59,  12th – 24:04.69
Directors' challenge parent/child doubles
Harry Parker and daughter Abigail Parker, 21st – 22:49.04

Sunday, Oct. 21
Men's championship fours
Harvard heavyweight crew, 9th – 17:23.98
Women's championship fours
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 7th – 19:34.21
Men's championship eights
Harvard heavyweight crew, 2nd – 14:24.35
Harvard heavyweight crew, 19th – 15:24.78
Harvard heavyweight crew, 25th – 16:06.59
Women's championship eights
USRowing (Caryn Davies '05, Esther Lofgren '09), 1st – 16:13.49
London Rowing Club "Great Eight" (Jill Carlson '12), 4th – 16:41.24
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 7th – 17:06.15
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 20th – 17:40.10
Men's lightweight fours
Harvard lightweight crew, 7th – 18:01.49
Women's lightweight fours
Vesper Boat Club (Maryana Vrubel '12, Elizabeth Bates '11), 2nd – 19:22.94
Radcliffe lightweight crew, 13th – 21:17.73
Men's lightweight eights
Harvard lightweight crew, 1st – 14:35.71
Harvard lightweight crew, 13th – 15:29.82
Women's lightweight eights
Radcliffe lightweight crew, 1st – 16:58.83
Radcliffe lightweight crew, 7th – 18:09.22