No. 12 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Places Fifth at EAWRC Sprints

The varsity eight was one of four Radcliffe boats to reach its grand final (photo courtesy Jacquie Labatt).
The varsity eight was one of four Radcliffe boats to reach its grand final (photo courtesy Jacquie Labatt).

CAMDEN, N.J.—The Radcliffe heavyweight crew raced in four grand finals and placed fifth in the varsity eight and team competitions at the Eastern Association of Women's Rowing Colleges Sprints Championships Sunday on the Cooper River.

The 12th-ranked Black and White raced in five morning heats, finishing second to advance to the afternoon grand finals in four of them. The second varsity eight and varsity four B joined the varsity eight as fifth-place finishers. The varsity four A placed sixth in its grand final, and the third varsity eight took second in the petite final.

Ivy League boats earned each of the six qualifying spots in the varsity eight grand final, including Radcliffe, which trailed only Yale in its heat. The Black and White gained ground on the Bulldogs with a time of 6:34.85 in the final, but the Bulldogs outlasted Radcliffe for fourth place by one-fifth of a second. Both Yale and Dartmouth avenged dual-season losses to the Black and White, with the Big Green taking third place behind winner Princeton and runner-up Brown.

The second varsity posted a fifth-place time of 6:51.52, more than three seconds ahead of Cornell, in its grand final.

Radcliffe's other NCAA-consideration boat, the varsity four, also made it to the grand final, crossing the line more than 23 seconds clear of third-place Syracuse in its heat to ensure a finish higher than its No. 7 seed. The Black and White then logged a time of 7:35.76 in the final.

Radcliffe finished the varsity four B grand final in 7:56.29 and was edged by Columbia for fourth place by just over two seconds. The Black and White topped sixth-place Boston University by 11.7 seconds.

The third varsity eight missed the grand final by one spot when it placed third in its heat. Its final time of 6:53.72 was less than two seconds off the pace of Boston University. The time was faster than that of half of the teams in the grand final.

Along with the other EAWRC schools, the Black and White now awaits the selection of the NCAA Championships field. The chosen teams will be announced Tuesday at 5 p.m. via video webcast on The NCAA regatta is May 27-29 on Lake Natoma in Sacramento, Calif.

Varsity Eight
Heat 3
Yale 6:39.70
Radcliffe 6:43.73
Northeastern 6:47.38
Georgetown 6:58.09
MIT 7:04.12
George Washington 7:08.02

Grand Final
Princeton 6:20.48
Brown 6:24.61
Dartmouth 6:31.00
Yale 6:34.63
Radcliffe 6:34.85
Cornell 6:38.20 

Second Varsity Eight
Heat 3
Yale 6:51.06
Radcliffe 7:00.55
Syracuse 7:04.52
Columbia 7:04.66
Georgetown 7:14.84
MIT 7:33.45

Grand Final
Princeton 6:36.37
Yale 6:39.58
Brown 6:39.79
Dartmouth 6:40.48
Radcliffe 6:51.52
Cornell 6:55.17

Varsity Four A
Heat 1
Brown 7:41.09
Radcliffe 7:46.49
Syracuse 8:10.16
Dartmouth 8:13.57
Georgetown 8:17.09

Grand Final
Princeton 7:18.50
Brown 7:22.02
Yale 7:22.03
Penn 7:25.86
Cornell 7:31.07
Radcliffe 7:35.76

Varsity Four B
Heat 2
Cornell 7:57.93
Radcliffe 8:08.01
Boston University 8:17.88
Princeton 8:18.54

Grand Final
Brown 7:29.86
Cornell 7:38.29
Penn 7:45.84
Columbia 7:54.01
Radcliffe 7:56.29
Boston University 8:07.00 

Third Varsity Eight
Heat 2
Princeton 6:58.39
Northeastern 7:10.17
Radcliffe 7:16.41
Georgetown 7:25.43
Boston College 7:53.24

Petite Final
Boston University 6:52.11
Radcliffe 6:53.72
Georgetown 7:03.95
Dartmouth 7:14.55
Columbia 7:26.58
Navy 7:34.35