Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Wins Sprints Petite Final

Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Wins Sprints Petite Final

The Radcliffe varsity eight crosses the finish line first in the petite final (photo courtesy Tim Bennett).

CAMDEN, N.J. —The Radcliffe varsity eight won the petite final, avenging a pair of dual-season losses in the process, to cap the Black and White’s day at the Eastern Association of Women’s Rowing Colleges Sprints Championships Sunday on the Cooper River.

The second varsity eight and varsity four each qualified for grand finals, with the four’s fifth-place finish highlighting Radcliffe’s five entries.

The varsity eight finished third, one spot outside of the grand final in its morning heat, but came back to win the petite final in 6:43.353. The time was more than three seconds faster than Northeastern and more than seven better than Columbia. Both opponents defeated the Black and White in the Beanpot regatta two weeks ago and were ranked ahead of 10th-seeded Radcliffe. Yale won a tightly contested grand final.

“It’s hard when you put it all on the line to make the grand final in the morning like we did,” said Radcliffe head coach Liz O’Leary. “To be able to regroup and win the petite final was a great way to finish. It’s always good to end on a positive note and continue to make progress.

The second varsity placed second in its heat and hung with the leaders for half of the grand final. In the end, Princeton pulled away to the win, while Radcliffe finished about 4.8 seconds behind fifth-place Cornell in 6:53.533. The varsity four battled with Cornell and Princeton throughout its grand final, crossing the finish about a second after the Big Red, 1.5 after the Tigers and about four behind second-place Yale. Brown won the race.

“Both our second varsity and varsity four put it all out there and were competitive in their grand finals,” O’Leary said. “I think everyone on our young team learned a lot this weekend and got a taste of what it takes to compete at the highest level.”

The varsity four B and third varsity eight both placed second in their respective petite finals. 

Varsity Eight
Heat 3
Brown 6:36.032                 
Dartmouth 6:40.131         
Radcliffe 6:47.550            
Syracuse 6:58.557            
Boston College7:09.645  
MIT 7:13.301 

Petite Final
Radcliffe 6:43.353            
Northeastern 6:46.924     
Columbia 6:50.828           
Syracuse 6:55.432            
Boston University 6:59.773             
Rutgers 7:01.818 

Second Varsity Eight
Heat 2
Princeton 6:46.941            
Radcliffe 6:54.962            
Northeastern 6:57.830     
Pennsylvania 7:00.385    
Navy 7:12.463                   
Boston College 7:19.061 

Grand Final
Princeton 6:35.998            
Brown 6:40.798                 
Yale 6:44.518                    
Columbia 6:47.788           
Cornell 6:48.701                
Radcliffe 6:53.533 

Varsity Four
Heat 1
Princeton 7:33.262                             
Radcliffe 7:39.179                             
Navy 7:42.351                                    
Dartmouth 7:52.497                          
Syracuse 8:12.349 

Grand Final
Brown 7:10.852                                  
Yale 7:18.353                                     
Princeton 7:20.828                             
Cornell 7:21.331                                 
Radcliffe 7:22.392                             
Boston University 7:48.437 

Varsity Four B
Heat 2
Yale 7:54.038                                     
Cornell 7:57.920                                 
Penn 8:08.565                                     
Radcliffe 8:12.390                             
George Washington 8:21.142          
Boston College8:27.812

Petite Final
Bucknell 8:03.707                              
Radcliffe 8:12.150                             
George Washington 8:17.330          
Boston College8:21.675                   
Syracuse 8:25.331 

Third Varsity Eight
Heat 3
Yale 7:13.347                                     
Bucknell 7:19.923                              
Radcliffe 7:25.153                             
Dartmouth 7:27.213

Petite Final
Penn 7:08.139                                     
Radcliffe 7:12.310                             
Columbia 7:14.397                            
Dartmouth 7:22.873                          
Boston University 7:27.384             
Syracuse 7:37.266