No. 16 Radcliffe Heavyweights Fall to No. 6 Princeton, Cornell

Amanda Deutsch guided the Radcliffe second varsity to a second-place finish (photo courtesy David Silverman).

ITHACA, N.Y.—The 16th-ranked Radcliffe heavyweight crew placed third in the race for the Class of 1975 Cup, finishing behind No. 6 Princeton and host Cornell Saturday on Cayuga Lake Inlet.

The Tigers won the first and second varsity eight races as well as the varsity four, while Cornell recorded victories in the third and fourth varsity eights. Radcliffe placed second in the second, third and fourth varsity eights, defeating the Cornell second varsity and the Princeton third varsity.

Princeton (6-0) crossed the finish well ahead of second-place Cornell (3-3) in the varsity eight, with Radliffe (0-3) following. It was the Tigers' 22nd win in the Class of 1975 Cup series, compared to 11 for the Black and White and one for the Big Red.

The closest finish of the day came in the battle for second place in the varsity four, as the Big Red edged the Black and White by one-tenth of a second.

Varsity Eight
Princeton 6:51.9
Cornell 7:09.8
Radcliffe 7:18.2

Second Varsity Eight
Princeton 6:58.0
Radcliffe 7:08.6
Cornell 7:18.0

Varsity Four
Princeton 8:00.6
Cornell 8:18.2
Radcliffe 8:18.3

Third Varsity Eight
Cornell 7:24.4
Radcliffe 7:43.0
Princeton 8:15.3

Fourth Varsity Eight
Cornell 8:00.4
Radcliffe 8:10.0

Radcliffe Lineups
Varsity Eight
Cox: Rachel Rauh, 8: Jennie Peterson, 7: Rachel Knaster, 6: Olivia Coffey, 5: Laura Huppert, 4: Meg Kehan, 3: Jessica Flakne, 2: Mary Maginnis, 1: Michaela Pewarski

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Amanda Deutsch, 8: Kate Morris, 7: Tara Larson, 6: Celia Kohl, 5: Christine Baugh, 4: Kirsten Van Fossen, 3: Jessica Mealia, 2: Michelle Pearson, 1: Liz Soutter

Varsity Four
Cox: Jill Carlson, 4: Molly Tarrant, 3: Ariel Delgado, 2: Katie O'Hanlon, 1: Scout Moran

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Andrea Rickey, 8: Eleanor Conover, 7: Laura Savarese, 6: Margot Leger, 5: Mary Jackson, 4: Marisa D'Orsogna, 3: Mary Miller, 2: Meg Johnson, 1: Lucy Chen

Fourth Varsity Eight
8: Christina McClintock, 7: Alex Kuschner, 6: Sophie Bearman, 5: Molly Griffin, 4: Rebekah Meyer, 3: Elizabeth Holly, 2: Shauna Stewart, 1: Alexandra Bradbury