Track And Field Hands Out Team Awards, Names Captains at Annual Banquet

Track And Field Hands Out Team Awards, Names Captains at Annual Banquet

22 student-athletes earned an award at the annual celebration (Brian Panoff).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – In the midst of a season where records have fallen on a consistent basis, the Harvard track and field team gave out its annual awards to student-athletes at the squad's annual banquet earlier this week.

Senior Autumne Franklin and freshman Gabby Thomas shared the women's Most Valuable Performer award, while junior Nikki Okwelogu was named the women's Most Outstanding Performer. The trio combines to hold 13 school records.

Freshman Myles Marshall and junior Efe Uwaifo shared the McCurdy Beyond the Call of Duty Award as the team's MVPs. Marshall holds the program record in the indoor 500 meters, while Uwaifo set the program standard in the indoor triple jump.

Senior Allison Morrison was awarded the women's Unsung Hero Award, which was renamed in the honor of Gary Geissler at the event. Morrison also took home the Pappy Hunt Improvement award.

Okwelogu also collected the Little Shot Put Award, sharing the honor with junior Julian Nunally, and the HY Track Prize, as voted on by Harvard and Yale coaches from the annual meet.

In addition to the team MVP honor, Franklin also earned the Westmore Wilcox 440 award, shared with Marshall, the Francis J. Haggerty Award for Excellence, the Rand Hurdle award, shared with sophomore Jay Hebert, and the Hennessey Mile Relay Award, which was also give to Thomas, junior Jade Miller and senior Christi Scott. Thomas, meanwhile, was awarded the Schick Sprint award and the Gourdin Broad Jump award, which was shared with senior Malcolm Mason-Rodriguez. Miller collected the women's Beyond the Call of Duty award.

Uwaifo and freshman Bola Hambolu were given the Ohiri Triple Jump award, while Marshall shared the Bingham Relay award with sophomore Gabe Montague, senior Malik Epps and junior Thomas Negron.

Senior Paige Kouba was bestowed the Rita Raju Memorial award and the Watters Mile award, while the Helmus Improvement awards went to Nunally, Montague and junior Brandon Price. Mason-Rodriguez also earned the Ed Stowell award for enthusiasm and optimism, sharing the honor with senior Madison Hansen.

The McLaughlin Award, presented to the freshman with the greatest fellowship and sportsmanship, went to first-year standouts Ngozi Musa and Ian West. Senior Mark Hill collected the Nelson Unsung Hero award, while senior Lexie Schachne was the recipient of both the Jannergren "Overcoming Physical Adversity" award and the Robert W. Harwood Pole Vault award.

In addition to the team's awards, Madeleine Ankhelyi and Raegan Nizdil were selected as the women's captains for 2016-17, while Uwaifo, Nunally and junior Andrew Roney were chosen as the men's captains.

2015-16 Track and Field Awards:
Bingham Relay Award – Gabe Montague, Malik Epps, Thomas Negron, Myles Marshall
Presented annually to each member of the relay team considered by the coaches to be the most outstanding during the indoor and/or outdoor seasons.

Rita Raju Memorial Award – Paige Kouba
Presented for excellence of scholarly pursuits, integrity, and community involvement.  Qualities which mark her a leader by example and an athlete who is a joy to coach.

Watters Mile Award – Paige Kouba
Awarded annually to the man or women who has competed for Harvard in the mile run with distinction and with dedication to the team's success.

Helmus Improvement Awards – Julian Nunally, Gabe Montague, Brandon Price
Awarded annually to the three (3) members of the squad who w/ loyal, team effort, hard work & conscientious practice have shown marked improvement contributing to teams success.

Little Shot Put Award – Nikki Okwelogu, Julian Nunally
Awarded to the Harvard shot putter who has contributed to the success of the Harvard Track & Field team through dedication, hard work, ability to overcome obstacles & excellence of competitive performance.

HY Track Prize – Nikki Okwelogu

Westmore Wilcox 440 Award – Autumne Franklin, Myles Marshall
Award presented annually to the Harvard runner who is the most outstanding in the 440 yard run/400 meter run during the season.

Pappy Hunt Improvement Award – Allison Morrison
This award is presented to that individual who, although perhaps not the fastest or strongest, has through hard work & dedication to the team, shown the most improvement during the track season.

Hennessy Mile Relay Award – Gabby Thomas, Autumne Franklin, Christi Scott, Jade Miller
Through performance and attitude inspires the qualities of dedication, determination, competitive spirit, teamwork and high performance characteristic of Vincent Hennessy.

Women's Beyond the Call of Duty Award – Jade Miller

Francis J. Haggerty Award for Excellence in Women's Track and Field – Autumne Franklin
This award honors the woman on the Harvard track team who seized opportunities and excelled, thereby greatly contributing to the success of the Harvard women's track & field team. 

Schick Sprint Award – Gabby Thomas
The award is presented annually to the Harvard sprinter who through consistent courage, ability, sportsmanship, & devotion to teams welfare, provides outstanding example & inspiration.

Gourdin Broad Jump Award – Gabby Thomas, Malcolm Mason-Rodriguez
The Harvard varsity long jumper whose conscientious efforts, competitive performance and overall character contribute notably to Harvard Track and the Harvard Community.

Ohiri Triple Jump Award – Efe Uwaifo, Bola Hambolu
To be awarded to that triple jumper on the Harvard varsity track team who best exemplifies Chris Ohiri '62 , Nigerian Olympic Team 60' & 64', in the characteristics of enthusiasm, team loyalty, & excellence of performance. 

Rand Hurdle Award – Autumne Franklin, Jay Hebert
Presented to the Harvard hurdler who has contributed significantly by his outstanding character, excellence, leadership, team spirit or individual improvement to the best in Harvard Athletics.

Ed Stowell Award – Malcolm Mason-Rodriguez, Madison Hansen
Presented to the field event athlete with exceptional enthusiasm, unbridled optimism, continued hard work, loyalty to the athletes, team and school and, most importantly aggressive eagerness to compete for team success.

McLaughlin Award – Ian West, Ngozi Musa
Presented annually to that Freshman of the track team, who, like James McLaughlin, distinguishes him or herself in exemplifying fellowship & sportsmanship

Jannergren "Overcoming Physical Adversity" Award – Lexie Schachne
Has overcome great physical adversity over the course of his or her college career and become a consistent team contributor. 

Nelson Unsung Hero Award – Mark Hill
To be awarded to that senior member of the Harvard track team who through years of perseverance, loyalty, & effort often unnoticed has made a vital contribution to his teammates.        

Robert W. Harwood Pole Vault Award – Lexie Schachne
The award is presented to the Harvard pole vaulter who through loyalty, effort, performance and conduct has made a significant contribution to Harvard and Harvard Track.

Gary Geissler Women's Unsung Hero Award – Allison Morrison
The award presented to the female senior member of the Harvard track team who best embodies G's characteristics of unbridled passion for the sport, dedication to all of the student-athletes under his care, and for the heroic work done behind the scenes. 

Women's Most Outstanding Performer Award – Nikki Okwelogu
Awarded annually to that individual(s) selected by the coaches as having been the most outstanding and is usually awarded on the basis of the Indoor and Outdoor seasons combined.

Women's Most Valuable Performer Award – Autumne Franklin, Gabby Thomas

McCurdy Beyond the Call of Duty Award – MVP – Myles Marshall, Efe Uwaifo