Harvard-Yale Track and Field Victorious Against Oxford-Cambridge at 45th HYOC Meet

Harvard-Yale Track and Field Victorious Against Oxford-Cambridge at 45th HYOC Meet

Jarvis Harris won the 110 and 400 meter hurdles (Cambridge Athletics).

OXFORD, England – Harvard track and field's two-week European trip came to a victorious ending Monday, June 29 with the combined men's and women's teams from Harvard and Yale downing the English pairing of Oxford and Cambridge in the 45th HYOC Meet at Iffley Road track in Oxford, England. The Harvard-Yale men's squad posted a 13-7 victory, while the women controlled the meet from start to finish, winning 17-2. Scoring was based on individual event wins, with the victor in each event earning his or her team a point.

"We've had an amazing time on this tour and the competition was a great note to end on," said Jason Saretsky, The William W. "Bill" McCurdy Director of Track and Field/Cross Country. "Combining forces with our rival, Yale, is a unique experience and I really enjoyed seeing how everyone came together and supported one another. We had many outstanding performances, but just as important are the bonds and friendships that will come out of this exchange.  It was an honor to be a part of the 45th HYOC competition."

The HY men have now won three straight HYOC meets and 25 of the last 27 dating back to the 1965 competition in Boston. For the women, Monday's win marks the ninth in a row and the 14th win in the history of the meet that dates back to 1981. The triumphant combined score of 30-7 marked the 11th-straight win for the American squad going back to 1995.

A pair of awards were also handed out following the conclusion of the meet. Thanks to the generosity of John Thorndike '49, The Boal Hammer Award, goes to the winner of the women's and men's hammer competition at HYOC– Taylor DuPont of Harvard and Michael Painter of Cambridge. 

For the first time, the Bob Rittenburg '55 Hurdle Awards were given out to the best hurdle winners as determined by the coaches. This year's winners were Autumne Franklin and Jarvis Harris of Harvard.

Harvard's student-athletes shined at the 45th HYOC with eight winning two or more events. In the field, the Crimson swept the shot put and discus. Nikki Okwelogu garnered Female Performer of the Meet after she won both events with new meet record throws. Julian Nunally earned wins in both events on the men's side.

On the track, Jarvis Harris and Matt Hurst were big winners, taking the top spot in three races. Individually, Harris won the 110 and 400 meter hurdles, while Hurst secured the top podium spot in the 200 meter dash. Hurst competed on the winning 4x100 meter relay team with Malcolm Johnson, Alexander Moore and Yale's Marc Andre Alexandre before joining forces with Harris on the champion 4x400 meter squad.

Johnson notched an individual win in the 100 meter race.

Autumne Franklin dashed her way to victory in the 400 meter hurdles and the 200 meter race, setting a meet record in the hurdles. The 100 meter hurdles win went to Madison Hansen, who also took top honors in the long jump.

Sprinter Ashley Collinsworth tallied two wins on the day, claiming the 100 meter dash as an individual and the 4x100 meter relay in a meet-record time with Jade Miller, Christi Scott and Danielle Barbian.

The next HYOC meet is slated for 2017 with Yale serving as the meet host in New Haven, Connecticut.

Complete list of Harvard winners.
10k - HY-1 OC-0 – Yale
PV - HY-2 OC-0 – Andrew Roney
HJ - OC-1 HY-2
HT- OC-2, HY-2
400H - HY-3, OC-2 – Jarvis Harris
800 - OC-3, HY-3
LJ - OC-4, HY-3
100 - HY-4, OC-4 – Malcolm Johnson
3ksc - HY-5, OC-4 – Yale
110H - HY-6, OC-4 – Jarvis Harris
400 - HY,7, OC-4 – Yale
DT - HY-8, OC-4 – Julian Nunally
Mile - OC-5, HY-8
200 - HY-9, OC-5 – Matt Hurst
5k - HY-10, OC-5 – Tom Purnell
Jav - OC-6, HY-10
TJ - OC-7, HY-10
SP - HY-11, OC-7 – Julian Nunally
4x1 - HY-12, OC-7 – Marc Andre Alexandre, Matt Hurst, Alexander Moore, Malcolm Johnson
4x4 - HY-13, OC-7 – Matt Hurst, Bill Rowe, Jarvis Harris, Marc Andre Alexandre 

HT - HY-1, OC-0 – Taylor DuPont
LJ - HY-2, OC-0 – Madison Hansen
400H - HY-3, OC-0 – Autumne Franklin
800 - HY-4, OC-0 – Yale
100 - HY-5, OC-0 – Ashley Collinsworth
100H - HY-6, OC-0 – Madison Hansen
5k - HY-7, OC-0 – Whitney Thornburg
DT - HY-8, OC-0 – Nikki Okwelogu
400 - HY-9, OC-0 – Yale
PV - HY-10, OC-0 – Yale
TJ - OC-1, HY-10
Mile - HY-11, OC-1 – Molly Renfer
SP - HY-12, OC-1 – Nikki Okwelogu
200 - HY-13, OC-1 – Autumne Franklin
HJ - OC-2, HY-13
Jav - HY-14, OC-2 – Hannah Mayer
4x1 - HY-15, OC-2 – Ashley Collinsworth, Jade Miller, Christi Scott, Danielle Barbian
3ksc - HY-16, OC-2 –Yale
4x4 - HY-17, OC-2 – Madison Hansen, Allison Morrison, Shannon McDonnell, Molly Renfer