SEAS Profile: Juan Perdomo, A.B. ‘18

SEAS Profile: Juan Perdomo, A.B. ‘18

By: Adam Zeww

Whether racing a sailboat on the open water or tackling a problem set in class at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, computer science concentrator Juan Perdomo approaches challenges with gusto (Photo by Rob Migliaccio).

What led you to choose a computer science concentration?

Before coming to Harvard, I had never really coded or done any computer science work. I had an interest in the technology, but what really opened my eyes to the many different aspects of computer science was Computer Science 50 (CS50). Getting that glimpse of computer science, and having the chance to work on a hands-on project, really motivated me to delve deeper.

What do you enjoy about computer science?

I'm excited about the way we can use computer science to understand the world. Math and computer science are really all about the science of order. Taking massive amounts of data and analyzing it can seem very abstract to many people, but I like how open-ended the process is. Computer science provides insight into so many different things, so it is up to the individuals to determine how to use the information. 

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