Michael Horn Trophy Results

In the single-race semi-finals, Tufts upset Boston College with a 1-3-6, and Brown beat Harvard with a 1-2-4.

In the Petit Finals Boston College beat Harvard 2-0.

In the  Grand Final Brown beat Tufts 2-0.

Congratulations to the Brown Bears for winning the 2010 Mike Horn Trophy!

RP Info:

BC: Briana Provancha '11(1-15)/Katy Nastro '11 (1-15), Emily Maxwell '11(1-15)/Elizabeth Dudley '11(1-15), Stephanie Hudson '13(1-8)/Laura-Ann Keller '11(1-8), Alex Cook '13(9-15)/ Molly Clarke '13(9-15)

Brown: Nikolas Osvalds '11(1-15)/ Sarah Ebert '12(1-8)/Helen Lord '14(9-15), Jenny Adler '11(1-15)/ Logan Shanney '13(1-15), Drew Shea '14(1-15)/Louisa Chafee '14(1-15)

Tufts: Jamie Altrueter '11(1-8)/ Kate Hitchener '13(1-8), Meghan Pesch '11(1-8)/Mariana Miaoulis '12(1-8), Colin Patterson '11(1-8)/Eliza White '14(1-8) Renee Gagne '12(9-15)/Charlotte Wellbourn '13(9-15), Ben Weiger '14(9-15)/Kathleen Kwazniak '14 (9-15), Willem Sandberg '14(9-15)/Madeline Luce '13(9-15)

Harvard: Emily Lambert '12/Alex Jumper '12(1-8), Ryan Byrne '13/Sarah McCuskee '13(1-15), Caitlin Watson '14/Louisa French '14(1-8) Morgan Russom '14(9-15)/Isabel Ruane '14(9-15), Colin Santangelo '11(9-15)/Margaret Fulham '14(9-15)

UNH: Chris Edwards '11(1-12)/Emily Donnery '13(1-12), Ann Sager '13(1-12)/Jared Rodriguez '13(1-8)/Danielle Dubois '13(9-12), Paige Fagan '14(1-12)/Molly Herman '12(1-8)/Whit Durant '12(9-12)