Central Series Four Results

Many thanks go out to Ken for his work as PRO, photographer, giving out tips to all teams, and for writing up the RP forms and the regatta blurb.  Also a big thanks to our scorekeepers and breakdown handlers Elizabeth Keys, Sara Makaretz, Victor Wettergren, Sara Carnahan, Marina Miaoulis, Julie Pringle, Nicole Becker and I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Mystic Lake Invitational

Central Series Four

Tufts University

October 2-3

Saturday saw sunny, mild conditions with a quick oscillating NW wind of 4-12 knots.  Nine teams sailed combined divisions in an 18 boat fleet.  Tufts One Jamie Altreuter/Kate Hitchner nearly won every race but was called over early in race seven, rallied, but fell short of a perfect day.  Courses were four legs, six legs and for the finale eight legs.

Sunday was indeed cool for early October but the wind was spectacular.

Moderate breezes pulled straight down Mystic Lake, NNE, allowing a windward leg of a half mile.  Wind velocity began at ten knots, eased to seven but built in the afternoon to twelve, even fifteen knots at times.  Oddly, the only breakdowns were mainsheets.

No general recalls, protests, nor any of that stuff, just great racing on long courses in really cool boats.  Eight races were sailed each day.  Boat rotation after every four races (at each lunch break and overnight).

Central Series 4

Tufts University



1.Tufts 2 : 145


2.Tufts 1 : 157


3.Tufts 3 : 227


4.BU      : 244


5.Bowdoin : 287


6.MMA     : 343


7.Harvard : 349


8.Amherst : 487


9.NEU     : 492



Tufts Two
A)  Meghan Pesch'11    All
Marina Miaoulis'12   1-8, 15-16; Sara Carnahan'11    9-14
B)  Jake Denney'13    All
Nicole Becker'13   1-8; Elizabeth Keys'14  9-16

Tufts One
A)    Jamie Altreuter'11   All
Kate Hitchner'13    All
B)    Caleb Zimmerman'11    All
Sara Makaretz'14    1-8; Amelia Quinn'13    9-16

Tufts Three
A)  Dan Slate'11    All
Kaylee Lawcock'11    1-8; Vicki Eastman'11       9-16
B)  Victor Ansart'14     1-8; Colin Patterson'11    9-16
Artemis Sapountzi'12    1-8; Julie Pringle'14    9-16
Boston University
A)  Ian Paice'13    1-8; Conor Fowler'14    9-16
Alejandra Higgins'13    1-8; Veronica Kyrk'14  9-16
B)  Paul Perry'14    All
Samantha Sawan'13   1-8; Katie Leisure'14    9-16
A)  Phoebe Sprague'11   1-8; James Rohman'13   9-16
Isabel Iow'13    1-8; Molly Clemens'13   9-16
B)  Sarah Fiske'13   1-8; Emily McNiel'14   9-16
Alex Brown'13; Leah Hughes'11   9-16
Maine Maritime
A)  Christopher Hulse'12    All
Hadley Neale'13     All
B)  Max Fleischfresser'14    All
Nick Cabral'14   All
A)    Ben Lamont'14     All
Margaret Fulham'14     All
B)  Ames Lyman'14     All
Alice Kenney'14     All
A)  Eric Hartman'11    1-8; Nick Belsito'13   9-16
Jane Maglaque'12     All
B)  Josh McAuliffe'13    1-8; Nick Fournier'11   9-16
Marcella Felde'13   1-8; Jesse Lang'14   9-16
A)  Alex Plum'12   All
Kate Boerma'14   All
B)  Matthew Wood'14    All
Ainsley Price'14   All