Richard B. Ross College Bowl Regatta

This regatta is held in memory of Richard Ross who died during the attacks on 9/11.  His family continues to pay tribute to his memory by supporting this regatta and underwriting the youth sailing programs at Courageous Sailing. 


The day was bright and sunny, with 10-15 knots of breeze from the NW.  Coming from the west were gusts over 20 knots.  Temperatures were comfortable in the mid-60s.  Six races in Rhodes 19s were started but one was abandoned due to a barge transiting across the race course. At the conclusion of racing, everyone enjoyed a barbecue on the dock while awards were given out by the Ross family.  

The PRO was Dave DiLorenzo.  RC was Rosemary Lyons and Cha O'Connell.  Carl Zimba was in the mark boat. 

A division = 5 Races

1. Roger Williams 1        9

Tucker Blayden

Andrew Vachos


2. Tufts 2                14 

Charlie Proctor

Mara Porter


3. Maine Maritime 2       19

Lucas Camphch

James Gorman


4. Roger Williams 2       19

Zach Shapiro

Brie Schwarm


5. Tufts 1                27 

Cameron Barolift

Maussa Ganecini


6. Harvard                36 

Colin Santanelo

Sam Mittham


7. Brown                  37 

Jake Tower

Brandon Kaufmann


8. Tufts 4                42 

Matt Russell

Lila Madeira, Maggie Baron


9. Williams               45 

Josh Revken

Molly McGatee

10. Providence             50 

Ben Lichterfels

Chris Fraker


11. Maine Maritime 1       55 

Andrew McHenry

Kyle Robbins


12. Tufts 3                60 

Sally Levinson

Ruth Summers, Hiduri Tanaka


13. UConn                  61 

James Fales

Doug Harrison

14. Mass. Maritime          65 

Patrick Morrissey

Brad Shepperd, Kyle Scannell


15. New Hampshire          70

Jason Marcil

David Ones


16. Endicott               71 

Peter Drohan

Kate Bispham