Southern New England Team Race Results

Sunday: Connecticut College: After waiting for the fog to clear. We finished the first round of the Gold fleet and started a Second round robin. The first few races of the second round ended in over 15 protests. After speaking with all the coaches, we decided to try to continue to race and hope that we would not end the day with 50 protests. The racing got better as the day went on and the judges only had 10 protests to end the day. 35 protests were heard in total over the weekend. A big thank you to Amanda Callahan for being the ICSA rep and the judges for handling protests. As an organization we probably need to figure out how to move forward with team racing. It is clear that the days of sailing in great breeze and handling racing on the water is coming to an end. The breeze was South @ 5-11. Congratulations to Georgetown for winning the SNE. Total Scores from Round 1 and 2 of Gold Fleet:


Georgetown 11-3

Roger Williams 9-5(Won Tie Break)

Yale 9-5

BC 7-7

Brown 6-8(Won tie Break)

Harvard 6-8

Charleston 5-9

St Mary's 3-11



Sunday:  US Coast Guard Academy:   The second round robin was finished after a brief morning delay.    A second round robin was also completed for a total of 35 races sailed.    Teams had perfect team racing conditions all weekend as the southerly held at an average of 8 knots.    All races once again were sailed in 420s on the college style N course.   A huge thanks go out to the CGA sailors who gave up their Easter Weekend to run a  total of 84 races.    Here are the final results for the silver round robin and overall 9-16 at the SNETR.

USF   13-1


UVM 12-2


HWS 8-6*( tie break overall points)


Salve 8-6*


Conn 5-9** (tie break head to head)


NYM 5-9**


CGA 3-11


Fordham 2-12




Mitch Hall 10 all; Brittou Steele 12 all; Will Stock13  all


Cristine Sayler11       all;Margaret Spears12 all;David Harrison13      all




Sam Padros 11 all; Ike Baldoitt 11 all; John Sampson 10all


Hannah Littell 11all;Aimee Kelleher 12all;Holly Hoffin 11all




Clinton Hayes 10 all; Cole Bowen 11all; Johnny Norfleet 13all


CocoSolsvig10all;Laura Walsh12all;Margie Burton10all




Torey Pellegrini 10 all; Patrick Clancy 11 all; Pete Pellegrini 12 all


Christina Ford10        all; Sarah Muzyka 12all;Lauren Cotta10all




Shawn Murray 13 all;Ted Green 12 all; Tyler Steel 13 all


Nicki Kelly12all;       Morgan Keating  13all;Will Gallagher11 all




Ben Bainbridge12,  Matt Sterrett10,  Peter Miller12,  Wells Bacon 11,  Mike Marshall11


Katrina Salk ,    Katie St.George,   Marina Glockman,  Liz Wilsterman,  Christine Clothier, Katie Andrill





Joe Tunniano 11         all; Carl Shorett       10all; Alex Sachs 12 all


Emma Pfonman    13all;Alex Wiggins 13all;Sam Zimmer 12all


Coast Guard


Sam Ingham 11 1-6; Jon Duffett 11 all;  Ian Oviatt 10    all Will Cotta  11      7-14


Matt Stroebel 12,1-6;Amanda Hamlet12all;        Tanya Cuprak11all; Kristin Holloway 12, 7-14






Saturday : Connecticut College- After finishing the qualifying round of 8. The top four teams (Brown, Roger Williams, Georgetown, and St Mary's) stayed @ Connecticut College. The bottom 4 teams (Connecticut College, HWS, Fordham and Salve) went to USCGA. Once the top 4 teams from Conn and the top 4 teams from UCGA arrived at the Connecticut College Boathouse, racing was under way. We completed 24 of 28 races in the first round robin of the Gold fleet. Many protests were heard and some will be heard in the morning.  Results from Round 1 of Gold fleet:


Georgetown               5-1

Roger Williams          4-1

Charleston                 4-2

BC                              4-3

Harvard                      3-3

Yale                            3-3

Brown                         1-5

St Mary's                    0-6




Saturday:  US Coast Guard Academy:   After waiting for the breeze to fill a quick round of 8 was finished with the top 4 moving over to Connecticut College and  teams 5-8 staying at CGA.   All races were sailed in 420s in a nice 6-12 knot southerly on the college style N course.   Thanks to our judges Ted Green and Kerry Sullivan for observing and hearing protests at the end of the day.  In all 28 races in the seeding round robin followed by 21 races in the first round of the silver.  Plan for Sunday is to finish the first round and roll right into a second.   Results so far are as follows:


USF   4-1


HWS 4-2


UVM 4-2


Salve 3-2


NYM 3-2


Conn 1-3


Fordham 1-4


CGA 1-5