Men's Swimming Volunteers at Cambridge YMCA

Photo of Crimson team members volunteering at Cambridge YMBA courtesy of Kevin Tyrrell.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The Harvard men's swimming team volunteered at the Cambridge YMCA Monday, working for two hours with children ages 5-10.  The Crimson spoke to the children in the after-school program about the value of team work, how swimming keeps them healthy and the benefits of working hard in school.

Senior co-captain Alex Meyer and juniors Eric Taylor and Jamie Mannion gave the main presention and all swimmer worked one-on-one with a child afterwards.  The Crimson gave swim lessons and played gamesl with the children in the pool.

"The men of our team are fortunate to attend Harvard," said head coach Tim Murphy.  "We need to give back to the community and today was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  We encourage our swimmers to making volunteering a life-long commitment."

"This was a tremendously rewarding experience," co-captain Tommy Gray explained.  "We loved playing with the children and many of them were so happy that they gave us hugs before we left."

"We appreicate the time the Harvard student-athletes spent with our children today," said Nancy O'Brien, the Cambridge YMCA CEO.  "We look forward to working with the student-athletes over the rest of the school year."