The Players' Tribune: The Senior

The Players' Tribune: The Senior

Jimmy Vesey (19) with linemates Kyle Criscuolo (11) and Alexander Kerfoot (14) (Elan Kawesch).

The below article is the opening of a piece written by Harvard hockey senior co-captain Jimmy Vesey for The Players' Tribune. To read the entire article, please go to The Players' Tribune site.

I met with a bunch of teams at the NHL Scouting Combine in Toronto in 2012, but one interview particularly stands out.

For those who don't know how combine interviews work, you basically sit there at a round table with all of a team's scouts, staff and management and just get peppered with questions.

So I'm sitting there, 18 years old, nervously sweating in my suit, and some guy sitting at the table pipes up.

"Oh, so you're going to Harvard. Do you want to be a student or a hockey player?"

I was completely taken aback. I'm pretty sure that I botched the rest of the interview because I was so rattled by that question. I probably should've brushed it off, but in that type of situation you start second-guessing yourself.

Is Harvard actually the right fit? Is it going to hurt my hockey career?

Looking back, I kind of wish I had told this guy to pound sand, because he definitely had no clue about who I was or how special playing at Harvard was.

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